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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:18

Kayseri Red Meat Producers'Union Congratulations to Melikgazi

Kayseri Red Meat Producers'Union Congratulations to Melikgazi
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Kayseri HEEL Red Meat Producers Association and Board of Directors Chairman Mehmet Ercan Aras Aras Melikgazi Hamdi Yavuz and Mayor Dr. Selahattin

Kayseri news: Mamdouh Founded in 2011 by visiting Büyükkılıç in his office Red Meat Producers have shared information giving and wishes concerning the union. Founded depending on the Photo Department of Agriculture Photo Kayseri Red Meat Producers'Association President Mehmet HEEL \"Red Meat Producers'Union Agriculture depending on the Ministry was established , subject to the 52000 law no . currently Kayseri we have 1100 registered members in the province . in around 2000 is estimated to be made ​​indifferent to it. we're manufacturer was in a restricted area as cattle breeders . Because developing and growing cities are not allowed to stall . Far area also increases the cost of transportation . We have to work to provide for direct sale to the consumer in the production of construction unions in large areas . Melikgazi municipality contributes to the economic development district with investments in all sectors and services . We want to produce in a particular area of their own as red meat producers , \"he said . Photo Melikgazi Mayor Dr. The Mamdouh in Büyükkılıç'said in a statement , \"We made ​​large investments in a planned and healthy urbanization as Melikgazi municipality. However , we have developed and apply it growing cities in some criteria. We can not let the beef barn in residential areas . It is already the case against the law and regulations. Municipal we do as many trades site . Melikgazi is not appropriate to the district making fattening boundaries located within the area . Because each area is planned did not take place in the field development plan will can be carried livestock . especially in urban areas do not allow the Environment and Forestry ministry . However, municipalities as for Red Meat Producers I will do custom work , \"he said . Photo Kayseri located professional room in the province , associations and unions with all the time they worked in the dialogue and solidarity, and stated that this visit the occasion of the Association members and thanked the management President Dr. Mamdouh Büyükkılıç'ın , Mount Erciyes and added that under the protection of pastures with the surroundings.


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