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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:48

Kayseri Sugar was Provides Support to Return to the Village

Kayseri Sugar was Provides Support to Return to the Village
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Thanks to the base price of beet and sugar beet farmers, youth Kayseri , Agricultural Engineers , pensioners are returning to the village to which they begin to see the future in beet crops and are turning to sugar beet cultivation .

Kayseri news: Photo Kayseri Sugar beet cultivation who contracted sugar beet ; beet harvesting machines and as well as do my beet dismantling with six-row harvesting machines thanks to the expansion in the region Maus beet loading machines , beets removal came time goes on a picnic to the field situation . Photo Akkışla Akin village farmers Nafi Akkoç, \"Rifle output manhood broke. Machine came out farming became easier . as we come now to picnic beet farmers during dismantling of our beet plantations , \"he said . Akkoç, \"Beet base price announced 157 per given 6.5 TL has given Kayseri Sugar additional 164 £ , Our beet price compared to sugar ratio finds the TL 170-180 . Beet prices make us smile . President, our God bless \"he said. Photo is Sarıoğlan farmers 18-year-old Anas Akbulut, \"my most small farmers in Sarıoğlan . I planted 28 acres of beets and expect to receive 110 tons of product. there is an increase in the base price used to be less. I think next year, 100 acres of bread. this that's very nice money are you getting so much beautiful the money after you give labor for 3-4 months , \"he said .
Agricultural Engineer and Sarıoğlan sugar beet Muzaffer carbogen ,\"The Agricultural engineer also pesticides dealers and beet ekicisiy I , conditions in the beet has referred us to productivity has become very attractive. especially glad announced base price yesterday, \"said in her . Carbogen said, \"then will continue to grow beet cultivation . My productivity I would remove the 5-year old worker would increase the price because the mud is now being done with the money diesel with the machine. Contact the returns going over , he used to go to the half of the production work is now installing the mouse is breaking not up to us to a shortage. Drought we had adversity gave us God of my rain'. it was a benefit in terms of tonnage of beet. we get the base price of the right , we were expecting around 155 thousand manager made ​​us very happy. Unit price comes to 185 thousand pounds that sweet price sweet breads greasing , \"he said . Photo 15 years beet Sarıoğlan Farmer said additional Mustafa Flag , \"I advise the youth beet farming. Initially lot of money did not win, for years was coming head to head with diesel , we had the same problems with these bills considered water saves money regardless . you're giving labor for 5-6 months but after you win a major income source of our beets . we are a country suffering water we use in terms of water was already unconscious even in drought has damaged nearly half. We paid the price of water together farmers as intelligent kullanılmayış . Now the farmer himself develops, get right is with us in every aspect of plant seeds , fertilizers, pesticides , diesel gives , gives beets money early . Farmers also now confident , self-improving, forever rely on the factory. Beet base price of 164 thousand good money on labor issues , I would like to thank everyone , \"he said .


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