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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 16:16

Kb Turkey's Most English Preparatory Class Owners

Kb Turkey's Most English Preparatory Class Owners
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Karabuk University (KBU) Rector.

Karabük news: Karabuk University (KBU) Rector. Dr.. Burhanettin Uysal, with most in Turkey English preparatory class in college, he said.
Rector Uysal, Istanbul University, other universities most distinctive özelilig the beginning of all parts of the English preparatory class stating that,"Karabuk University as of today in Turkey, how much prep class having a university position. these students only face-to-face education in English subject do not hold. virtual world also 24 hours of English learning for our efforts are showing. this issue with many companies partners are working. Besides its application our best our strength as we use. too much software realized. English education only class to do an event and not a continuum supply is., our students 24 hours a University in contact with. Gross examination of the electronic media are trying to do. every day Quiz're trying to do. Student test day came when the English do not work every day lesson course is followed. Missing remainder distance learning with computers with their lack eliminates . all our students how much effort and how much we see that it is conscious. currently in preparatory classes are given in English education around 8 thousand 500 students have the opportunity to do Quiz on the internet at the same time,"he said.

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