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  • 19 Nisan 2013, Cuma 09:51

Keep your hair, you, too

Keep your hair, you, too
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Ways to protect our hair speak ill effects of hot air.

hair, oxidizing the summer sun ready? Sea water, the burning sun, and improper hair care forms you can protect your hair from damage? Or do you have hair shiny and healthy during the winter, a remarkable yıldızken the summer is dry and dull hair ladies will be flashing glow? The choice is yours.

maintenance, health, shining hair is actually very simple secret:right cleaning, frequent moisturizing, repairing and protection . And of course the right hair care products for them.

first Clean!

Hair cleansing, apply in the same way for all hair types? Of course not. One of the most common mistakes that we made, we reject the type in order to your own hair, so the hair we did not know what the appropriate shampoo and conditioner to care.

First, Learn to hair type. Did you dry, oily or normal hair type do you have? Hair, thick or thin? Do you have dandruff problem? All of these questions are the key points that will guide you to find the right shampoo.

· cleaning oily hair:The hair is oily, wash with shampoo twice a day should be enough oil preventative maintenance. Hair, both fat and thin telliyse, maintenance sera produced after each wash can opt for thin hair.

· Dry your hair clean

:Dry hair lost its moisture scuff and tear and the nearest çatallaşmaya hair type. Experts rate structure fret wash their hair twice a day, instead of suggesting that you allow a few days for your hair moisturized. If you have dry hair and wash your hair too often are one, which is quite common in recent years use one of the series of moisture therapy.

One of the most common problems

kepektir dry hair. If you are suffering from clothing pulcuklardan those little spills, anti-dandruff shampoo for those who are modifying. use shampoos.

· normal hair cleaning:hair, nor greasy nor dry're in luck! After all, it's also easy to maintain cleanliness own hair type. Designed for normal hair shampoo your hair every 3-4 days and need to wash your hair with cream. Telliyse normal and thick hair, hair inceleşmeye start time, in this case the effect of thickening shampoos may be useful to use one.

Health Hair Secret Dreams:Humidity

into the pool, and a sauna that uses plenty of sunbathing, however, women's health, with shining hair, do you know the secret? Humidification of course. The sea, the pool or sauna before moisturizing your hair care cream just put you on hold for two minutes, will create a protective layer. Sefalarınızdan pool, then apply a moisturizing cream wash your hair with shampoo appropriate, how your hair will be surprised to see a health-shine.

moisture, but not for everyday use qua non of healthy hair. Suitable moisture therapy, hair scorching sun, dust, air pollution, protect the damages. Intensive moisturizing hair care therapy is effective in two minutes, targeting the driest regions of the layer of natural oil helps maintain hair and locks moisture to your hair. After washing your hair thoroughly penetrate the moisture from the hair holding a towel on your hair for an hour, without help to complete the hydration process.

hair, Avoid it!

Our hair, hair, dyeing process, highlighting the sun, for many reasons, such as unhealthy chemicals interact with frayed ends of the breaks and turns into a matte finish. The last thing that comes to mind when bakımımızı hair, use a brush, comb, etc.. the quality of such products. However saçımızda use plastic products, we are doing maintenance sanırken our hair causes further deterioration and breakage. If our hair natural hair products or wear rubber blocks.

browse our hair before washing your hair every deep beneath the oil provides moisture to the hair by spreading our hair.

Finally, Do you want a little advice? In days
you notice your hair is dry, intense exposure to the sun, at times
to move in a small spray bottle with you,
apply conditioner will be diluted in the life-saving

Author: Sarah Altun ,
freelance writer and editor. Tomorrow
Young women, in magazines such as Mother and Child
has written several articles on the beauty and travel.

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