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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 24 Ekim 2013, Perşembe 16:59

Kemal Sunal wind will blow in Malatya

Kemal Sunal wind will blow in Malatya
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This year will be held between November 15 to 21 4 Kemal Sunal Malatya International Film Festival will be remembered in a series of events.

coordination of Malatya Governor of Malatya Apricot Research, Development and by the Foundation for the Promotion of Culture and Tourism Ministry, the Prime Ministry Promotion Fund, the Euphrates Development Agency, with the support of the Municipality of Malatya and Malatya Inonu University Kemal Sunal International Film Festival-themed events. Irreplaceable master name, the name of the exhibition held, discussions, and will be remembered with a special book work.


Malatya International Film Festival last year, 38 years after the Chaos students coming together at this time,"Saban Cow 'I tell you the memories come together to portray.

Prefabricated Kemal Sunal Tosun Pasa in 1977 and year 1999 under the theme of propaganda films shown at the festival in memory of Kemal Sunal movies, popular vote will be the National Feature Film Competition. Kemal Sunal movies worthy of recognition as a result of the voting in the People's Choice Award, will be presented by the family Sunal.

part of the activities Kemal Sunal, Sunal Rose wore prepared films valuable player in the exhibition of clothes and accessories that are used during the festival week Malatya Park AVM will be released.

Also Sunal Malatya Park Mall, an interview will take place with the participation of the family. Movie writer and researcher Ali Kemal Sunal Sekmeç'in specially created by compiling interviews 'King of Laughter' book will be given to the moviegoers. Kemal Sunal Sekmeç'in compiled from the private archive Exhibition to visit during the festival.

Kemal Sunal wind will blow in Malatya" comments for.


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