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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 09:36

Kemalpaşa Tartan Attack

Kemalpaşa Tartan Attack
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CHP İzmir Konak Mayor and candidate for Mayor of Gulab Dr.Hakan Tartan CHP and district organizations visited President Unsal hawk.

İzmir news: Konak Mayor and CHP IR Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor nominated and Gulab Dr.Hakan Tartan CHP and district organizations visited President Unsal hawk. Shown great interest in the visit of President Tartan Tartan members of the organization said they want to see in the big cities.
President of Tartan Labour and Social Security minister reminded that a lot of investment to Kemalpaþa CHP IR District Chairman Unsal hawk, stated that they appreciated them. President Tartan in 1999, the ministry at the time of hospital projects combining the first time he was preparing recalling,"Labour and Social Security minister of Social Security Reform prepared and implementation, SSK Hospital` s infrastructure, the strengthening of the health system, the wider public sector quickly and efficiently to be taken immediately provided. O period Kemalpaşa also many ways to be executed, the health center regeneration, purification pipes done provided. For that reason, Gulab hearts with our bond stronger,"he said.
Tartan in Kemalpaşa be happy to see their indicating CHP IR District Chairman Unsal hawk, CHP and district organization is a disconnect between the mayor complaining that they should be removed expressed. Hawk,"Selecting our best to show support for our mayors and after the welcoming disconnection is experiencing. Apart our support if we work more magic think we saying"unity and solidarity urged.
Mayor Tartan, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor nominated as a candidate for many projects ready however that to promote early saying that he continued:
"Metropolitan Municipality me to task if given the district complete with coordinating the work would like to carry. Mukhtar addition to our county organization to labor with those of the Republic and to the values ​​believed people want to work with, and this housing projects have. I priced local governments believe and I realize I will try. Employment-oriented investments in Izmir will try to attract. Gulab with the good work we will do, and that the party high rates'd bring you believe. States and academics at the ID, in my experience, ambition I trust my. For that reason, continue to struggle. every time the power from the seat area, but I'm giving you the power to seat."
Tartan President, emphasizing their worth noting that in politics, away from the fighting, he said. Tartan, Turkey's minister, Member of Parliament for two terms, journalism and mayoral candidates in the metropolitan mayor who not only draws attention to.

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