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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:29

Kepez of 36 Muhtarev

Kepez of 36 Muhtarev
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Kepez Mayor Hakan tobacconist , Unsal completed the construction in the neighborhood was inaugurated muhtarev .

Antalya news:
At the opening ceremony Kepez Mayor Hakan tobacconist , when he took office in 2009, the neighborhood is completely squatter settlements in recalled , \"the neighborhood , zoning , and 1947 since the time the forest boundary problems related to vardı.mahall the northern boundary of the water in the channel pigsty state was. Today we have arrived at the point-fold increase and property issues for the solution we do work with property-related barriers have eliminated . new roads, parks , hot asphalt , sidewalks , ditches and landscaping works and Unsal the District lovely location make , \"he said .
they open new ways to the neighborhood to life mention that the tobacconist , \"the prison's west Mediterranean Industrial Estate a new link road opened . this way, the 2009 and Unsal of the changes in 2014 are clearly seen , \"he said . Tobacconist , neighborhood bureaucrats who contributed to the studies , which support the neighborhood's zoning regulations concerning thanked the government and the opposition members of parliament . Tobacconist , to the region and to be made by investing in training interest also gave the following information for:
\"Provincial and District Education Directorate and we annex for his work in the neighborhood school's capacity artırdık.ünsal neighboring Dawn neighborhood tender for construction to be completed with 24 classrooms and Industrial Vocational High School will be built. \"
Tütüncü region in the western part zoning problems and the neighborhood to the west , which will be the Western Ring Road on the \"neighborhood in the western part experienced development problems for the solution of the Metropolitan Municipality and the study started. Metropolitan and Kepez Municipality Assembly decisions taken in the region with the zoning problem will solve . Antalya for many years dreamed of the Western Ring Road Konyaalti-Uncalı section rough construction completed. Western Ring Road meaning to Konyaalti section expeditiously should be completed . Route Kepez section related to Mayor Menderes Turel seminal meeting with the zoning problem solving yaptık.yol Highways are willing to complete the investment . Zoning 5 grand reconstruction plan that will solve the problem was being discussed in the Metropolitan Council . Within 2 years the Western Ring Road Kepez some opening Unsal increase the attractiveness \"he said.
Chairman Hakan tobacconist , service ambassadors are seen as village headmen 36 units headman house was a gift , saying he continued . \"When I took office headman our physical facilities was not enough. Homes in some neighborhoods in previous periods had been headman . Our wide range of services while generating some places some headman headman of our citizens in the tin shed was trying to produce services . Do not have a house in the neighborhood headmen during our stay , and we have rolled up our sleeves . In the study of village headmen , secretariat , sink , kitchen and a small room of 70 square meters where we started to build muhtarev traditional architecture . Our construction of 36 houses in the neighborhood headman was completed. Muhtarev , headmen saving our buildings has become a corporate identity . Due to the demands of the headman of a few neighborhood muhtarev did not. \"
Kepez District Association President Feyzullah Büyükkeleş and Unsal headmen Nazmi Cabadan in their speeches at the ward service building and other services for their Tütüncü have to thank.
ceremony AK Party Kepez District Chairman Joseph İşeri , Deputy Mayor Sebahat is dedicated to Mustafa Ozsoy, some neighborhood headmen , representatives of public institutions and many citizens attended.
Kepez Municipality Başköy and Altınova Menderes district in the period ahead will build on the muhtarev said.


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