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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 12:04

Kepez slalom races held

Kepez slalom races held
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Young people in the district of Antalya Kepez cars in traffic performance, but in order to test the slalom races held in a secure environment.

Kepez Municipality and Safari Motorsports Club in co-operation organization of 70 people participated. The first automobile slalom races held this year, participants took two rounds in a row at the track. Contestants of the first round only, the slalom cones, skittles in the second round around the round more than one, turning the so-called burning rubber made gymkhana.

Erdem Bayazıt Cultural Center (EBKM) as well as social events are created to be area of ​​10 thousand square meters, the Mayor of the competition Hakan tobacconist, as well as hundreds of AK Party Antalya Kepez District Chairman Bahattin Bayraktar followed. Young people in the activity, Kepez for both automobiles and motor sports that would make a runway tobacconist, with a slalom race car did.

build a new runway until the competitions, recording can be done in the square next to the tobacconist EBKM'nin young people, said:

"automobile use, speed to make a very enjoyable car to test the performance. Slalom do , they are also beautiful to burn rubber. however, is beautiful, everything is in place and on time. request of you, it certainly endanger traffic, people lost their lives, their property or do not use the car as endangering their souls."

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