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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 15:19

Kesk Chairman of Özgener \"Kurdish School \"Description of

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Unauthorized pop and sealed by the police in Diyarbakir, the Kurdish schools 3 times in front of the press release regulating Public Workers Unions Confederation ( KESK ) Chairman Lami Ozgen , has reacted to the situation .

In Diyarbakir unauthorized pop-up by the police three times sealed Kurdish school in front of the press release regulating Public Workers Unions Confederation (KESK ) Chairman Lami Ozgen , state reacted.
Kurdish Language Research and Development Association ( Kurdi-Der ) Links belonging to the Municipality under the leadership of Farzad Kurdish schools opened in Kemang Training Destekevi unauthorized sealed by the police on the grounds that three times . Yesterday evening, after the removal of the seal of the school police sealed again . On top of that about 90 people were detained in the incident . Yesterday evening events and Kurdish schools in order to react to the sealed indictment the defendants met in Diyarbakir . Farzad Destekevi front of Kemang Education made ​​a statement on behalf of union members came together KESK President Lami Ozgen , Kurdish school said it was unacceptable to be sealed . Ozgen , Native clamp to be unbeatable , mother tongue, you can not block with seal , \"he said .
After the speeches, the group quietly disbanded .

Kesk Chairman of Özgener \"Kurdish School \"Description of" comments for.


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