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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 14 Haziran 2013, Cuma 10:15

Khaled told an interviewer Ergenç

Khaled told an interviewer Ergenç
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Konut'ta four-hour long meeting with Prime Minister's Official Travel Park Halit Ergenc then spoke on behalf of the artists.

Halit Ergenç, the Prime Minister said that he expressed to them that they are respectful of the judicial process.

Ergenç statement,"I repeated to us that they are respectful of the judicial process. decision at the end of the judicial process If you comply with it negative, Travel Park, as the park will maintain, if a positive result at the end of the judicial process, then the people said they would vote,"he said.

Touching on the Quest of Violence,"Violence of any related images them if they wanted to bring our image,"he said. Ergenç stating that everyone, regardless of by whom violence would be investigated, Travel Park also continuing my actions are no longer asked to return to their homes said.


Taksim made a statement on behalf of the Secretariat of Solidarity Tayfun Kahraman, beginning 17 days Trip Park on the other environmental rights and democracy in the country left a deep imprint on the right, said:"Our assessment forwarded to the Prime Minister. said that the Prime Minister will go to a vote of the people,"he said.

Hero, description, continuation of the following phrases:"our citizens have said that they will comply with the decision of the people. Security forces reported to us delving into the excessive and unregulated intensities. We are still here today, Mr. Prime Minister said the words long and will pursue this process. Travel Park are going to get out of here. It's all about the park, began as an homage to the living area. Evaluate this process in people who are sensitive there. The same level as a positive approach to evaluate them. And shall make their own decisions. Tomorrow will do an activity. Unfortunately, this process took place in four deaths. This pain is still living among us. Tomorrow's event is not in a festive lament, sorrow, will be in the form of memorial them.''

Author Sunay Akın thanked everyone who contributed to the democratic struggle. A taxi from the interview artists, Prime Ministry Official Konut'ta minibuses which were allocated to them.

Khaled told an interviewer Ergenç" comments for.


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