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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 14:07

Kâhta was described in the Rules of Bakers

Kâhta was described in the Rules of Bakers
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The bread baker in the town of Adiyaman Kahta should pay attention to the rules described in the production was given a seminar .

Adıyaman news: The Kahta district bakers of bread production should pay attention to the rules described a seminar was given .
Kahta County Food Agriculture and Livestock Directorate and Kahta Tradesmen and Artisans Presidency in cooperation with the county in bread production , distribution and sales working in the bakery training for hygiene training seminar was given .
Kahta Municipality Conference Hall held at the'Hygiene Training Seminar Kahta Governor Text Esen, tradesmen and Craftsmen Chamber President Tahsin Chad , the Bakers Association President Mehmet Yılt the priest Municipalities in the police officers and Kâhta operating bakers attended.
Kahta County Food Agriculture and Livestock Department's other producing and consuming with ovens have made the controls appreciation for stating Kahta Governor Metin Esen, \"Previously, food-related controls which organizations carried out by about how an authorization uncertainty had . Food, Agriculture and Livestock in 2010, with the establishment of the Ministry of authority by eliminating complexity , from farm to fork , from the fields and barns to follow the whole process , supervision and all other applications are given to the ministry . County office of have done all the work assigned to them No. 5996 stated in the law practice is performed in accordance \"he said.
Said human health when food audits absolutely adamant not to give attention Kahler District of Food Agriculture and Livestock Manager Cevdet Pilar, \"Directorate of consumer health protection objective production and consumption and other business hygiene rules to be followed in monitoring is also carried out in the oven . When it comes to human health in food inspection certainly not compromised . Staff engaged in the food control official institutions or private organizations without discrimination legislation meticulously serve . Of food and feed produced under hygienic conditions and the provision of safe food to consumers in food from field to table of primary görevimizdir.denetim in feed at every stage of the barn from the field will continue . Expanded in terms of food safety ALONE 174 food service line , taking into consideration any complaints of consumers , which is the subject of complaints as soon as information is given to consumers by inspecting workplaces . Unreliable , constitute a health hazard and are not suitable for consumption , food contact materials and certainly not allowed to be placed on the market , who are determined about the administrative and judicial procedures are carried out immediately . Our office in the county coordinator , between 11 June 2014 and 16 August 2014 , Kahler police teams in the Municipality , Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans and the Bakers Association in collaboration with Oracle required inspections are performed. Control the bakers in our newspaper of the bread used is strictly prohibited which have been notified , also controls during the work places seen in the other deficiencies as the delegation identified and were recorded in minutes , the identified deficiencies related businesses time is given \"the way you spoke .

Kâhta was described in the Rules of Bakers" comments for.


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