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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:41

Kidney has given to Kumasi

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A woman in Diyarbakir kidney disease, kidney tuft gave her consent.

A woman in Diyarbakir kidney disease, kidney tuft gave her consent.
Diyarbakir Education and Research Hospital, KU mAlArdAn kidney transplant was performed. Female Mamuka dialysis patients 11 years of living in Diyarbakır (48), Kumasi his kidney came back to life. 32 years ago my wife an arranged marriage to Anwar noted that Mumuk'l Mamuka Female, 10 years after marrying my wife still wants to marry the girl said. 6 mother Mamuka,"My wife wanted to marry him that she initially objected but then to admit I had. Even when I go to my wife daughter wanted. 22 years in the same house seamlessly we live. I want even though I insisted to me kidney asked to give. Everything in there is a no . one day save my life would ever would have guessed. him respect, thank you. This time the brother, sister, even kidney does not. us that women's solidarity everyone we be an example,"he said.
"HANIMI kidney removal I pushed did not want"
gives kidney to Kumasi Girls Narcissus (41), kudu gladly give a kidney to be said. Mother of 3 children Narcissus,"My wife marry since we Hanim same house we share. Children of problem does not occur. Very good negotiate. Female 11 years my best trying to look. Marry me since we first days even grind did not. A sisterly raised me . Bender against her conscience to pay you back I want my kidney I wanted to give. Ms. kidney did not want to I forced,"he said.
Kidney donor Babes Narcissus, City Ethics Commission itself posed the questions, said:
"I ' kidney forced Getting up you,"he asked. Yet my kidney give'm gonna wife's news did not even have. Nobody did not make me said. Thereupon kidney in exchange for taking money, getting asked me., I said no. Nobody told me my pie bids did not even. I wanted. I should not say perhaps my texture of my match that no one thought would not come. all these questions, then was accepted. ever receiving money from the surgery conducted our hospitals and employees thank you very much. Already this hospital in another city if we financially because of difficulties could not go. Pay surgery if still be able to initiate would not. us God bless all interested from hospital employees."
Diyarbakir Education and Research Hospital Organ Transplant Managing Director Assoc. Dr.. Consult Ramadan in Turkey, one out of every seven emphasized that kidney disease. Consult, he continued as follows:
"At the moment in Turkey 60 thousand patients on dialysis are entering. Particular brain death in people with organ donation is unfortunately rather in a bad situation. Ms. Mamuka View our patient's vascular access in terms of dialysis chance left. Dialysis treatment can not be applied to our patient kidney transplant not occur if her bad days waiting. 23 transplants have realized our hospital Kumada Kumaya this transportation of sensibility us in the happy situation. emphasize that I would like to now transplant surgery, the people of the region to other cities not have to go. So far, all we do It was very successful transplants. organ donation awareness about our people expect. Kumasi Girls Narcissus who voluntarily to the kidney to a great respect. example of this behavior is certainly society is capable."

Kidney has given to Kumasi" comments for.


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