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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:43

Kidney Stone Surgery in Burdur Semichemical Off First Time Done

Kidney Stone Surgery in Burdur Semichemical Off First Time Done
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Burdur laparoscopic (closed method) method first kidney stone surgery was performed at the State Hospital Parish.

Burdur news: Burdur laparoscopic (closed method) method first kidney stone surgery Parish State Hospital was carried out.
Parish closed method kidney stone surgery before, kidney stones, two centimeter large and not possible to break the patients Antalya Akdeniz University Medical Faculty Hospital was stated to have been shipped.
Parish Hospital Urology Department of State of the Open doctor. Dr.. Altintas and op.d Rashid Fatih straight laparoscopic (closed method) method was performed kidney stone surgery. Performs the operation Op. Dr.. Rashid Altintas, seen in the frequency of renal stone disease in the community is 14 percent recalled.
Urology outpatient treatment in and around the Parish noted that more frequent and efficacy of kidney stones Altintas,"Treatment drinking plenty of water next diet is recommended. Bodybuilding outside sound waves stone lithotripsy (ESWL) treatment next to the closed or open stone surgery also important seçeneklerdir.ancak medical advances open surgery all over the world as well as in our country the last option is the preferred result olmuştur.yaklaşık 10 years in our country, the closed kidney stone surgery (PNL) in Burdur first in the region, few centers as one of the sub-districts in the State Hospital also has been started. open surgery about 20 centimeters incision while, closed surgery 2-centimeter incision placed through the tube of the are made with. Moreover postoperative patient to stand up much earlier in time than the patient after surgery to open surgery much shorter than the time the patient is discharged. Closed kidney stone surgery in patients with postoperative pain to open surgery than less suitable, and is shorter"said.
open surgery was afraid of
Parish State Hospital closed procedure kidney stone surgery undergoing Abraham Talay financing, the two years of a kidney stone discomfort to engage large due to surgery decided he said. Moved for the purchase of open surgery afraid of voicing Talay man,"kidney dream stone is great for the surgery was supposed to be., But open surgery constantly was running away. Surgery doctors who performed the hospital kidney surgeries closed system can be made devices and equipment will be taken said. Bender first voluntarily closed system operation I agreed. had the surgery. Very satisfied, I did not pull no pain or ache, suffering from kidney pain at all times be operated without losing a moment before I recommend them,"he said.

Kidney Stone Surgery in Burdur Semichemical Off First Time Done" comments for.


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