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  • 11 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 14:50

Kidney Stones on the'Percutaneous'Method

Kidney Stones on the'Percutaneous'Method
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Medical Park Samsun Hospital Urology Department Asst.

Samsun news: Medical Park Samsun Hospital Urology Department Asst. Assoc. Dr. Abdullah Açıkgöz \"percutaneous nephrolithotomy method\"gave information about .
Asst. Assoc. Dr. Canny , \"Severe kidney pain , which causes kidney stones in men than in women is common . Kidney stones usually sancı¬ the difference is . Too small sized kidney stones to cut plenty of water and drink running , jumping , jumping rope , volleyball, basketball who actually I did something wrong does , but large stones with natural methods to lower very difficult in such cases the stones to reduce the medicine you need . because hard and about 2 cm stones in this way to get rid generally not possible. voice wave lithotripsy method, 2cm larger than stones It is known that the low rate of success , \"he said .
large and can not be dropped in the case of Stone percutaneous nephrolithotomy who are implementing the method of Dr. Canny , \"In this method, general or regional anesthesia outside the body to the skin approximately 2 cm incision made ​​directly to the kidney is entered . Larger stones from the inlet placed special devices using the first break , then the body is taken out . These surgical methods biggest advantage of the large stone in the treatment of convenience provision outside the body, a large cut to the lack of patient days in bed to stay connected is not required . percutaneous nephrolithotomy method , patients from surgery after 6 hours stand allows for , \"he said .
percutaneous nephrolithotomy method of open surgery methods much more advantageous than that said Asst. Assoc Abdullah Açıkgöz, pregnancy, and all patients except for patients with bleeding problems applying this method , he said. Canny gave the following information:\"The percutaneous nephrolithotomy method of regional anesthesia (articulated anesthesia ) and the rare Kliniken you . 5 years, two thousand cases, this method was applied and a significant success rate slightly. Percent 99 percent success achieved by the method most rigid and kidney large enough to cover stones which even easily defeated. these methods most important advantage of one of the recovery period is quite short is . patient scheduled for surgery 6 hours after the stand up, walk around and a day later you can go home . recovery time from 7 to 15 days ranged . \"

Kidney Stones on the'Percutaneous'Method" comments for.


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