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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 25 Ekim 2012, Perşembe 12:13

Kiev expats, holiday prayer filled the exhibition center

Kiev expats, holiday prayer filled the exhibition center
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Feast of the Sacrifice, is celebrated with enthusiasm in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

Feast of the Sacrifice, is celebrated with enthusiasm in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Kiev expats living in the prayer of the holidays this year, the country's leading trade fair centers' made Kiev Expo Plaza.

gurbetçilerle one by one, then greets Ambassador Samsar celebrated holidays. The exhibition center, Bayram prayer bayramlaşan subsequently moved to places of congregation and then cut.

' CHILDREN traditions and customs Vaccinate' & lt; br/> Ambassador Mehmet Samsar Cihan News Agency to the (Cihan) In a special statement,"a little bitter for our people going on holidays abroad. loved ones, families celebrate holidays in different countries miles away. The Turks accept all of them as a family. Here, we celebrated the feast of our citizens together as a family. soon part of the victim We're going."he said.

Mehmet Samsar continued as follows:"The citizens of each remote bayramlaşmaya would like to participate. they maintain customs and traditions for more varlımızı abroad. had little kids here. This is important, because they are the future generations. abroad, even if our children grow, depending on the customs and traditions, we are a very important factor in maintaining assets of later generations. So I once again would like to thank all the citizens in the same way I want to vaccinations them to their children,"he said .

' THIS EXHIBITION IN THE LAST Eid prayer' & lt; br/> Bayram prayer teachers who leads the Fatih Islamic Institute in Kiev Cihan News Agency said in a statement in the Mediterranean,"in Kyiv 12 performed the Eid prayer. three nine other locations in the center of this exhibition, but I hope this will be the last. mosque construction, continues. second floor of at the moment.coming years will make our mosque God grant you his own. spent 12 holidays here, this is the most crowded in the congregation or the second . I'm guessing that more than one thousand congregations. Ambassador also attended. Here we go places in the cut.'s organization in two places I know of. too seriously cut off recruits victims of Muslims here."he said.

in Ukraine have the opportunity to anyone who wants to sacrifice that expressed the cut-off and truncation Fatih Mediterranean, Ukraine, everyone getirilebildiğini any observance, prayer is a comfortable kılınabildiğini, Friday said mildly, .

expatriates celebrated the feast of Turkish and Islamic world programs then left to go to holy mass.

Kiev expats, holiday prayer filled the exhibition center" comments for.


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