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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:57

Kılıçdaroğlu Antalya (2)

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CHP Parliamentary Group 5. Labour and CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu , speaking at Assessment Meeting , \"a minister to come out,'I'm closing the mine , 50 people called together man puts'There is one thing that will make the minister says, is leaving his post ,\"he said .

Antalya news: Photo of Antalya Belek region held at the CHP Parliamentary Group 5. Labour and CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu , speaking at Assessment Meeting , \"who brought the Subcontractor system ,who is not ? Ruling the spread ? We'll always questioned together . You deserve your only and only protects the CHP. I draw the gold. Contractors say the right of our brothers and only the CHP and protects . the most recent Supreme Court decision came in. If Subcontractor workers thrown out of work because it is a member of the union employer 16 salary compensation is paid . Now your game, waiting for the decision. your I opened up the road. I opened the front Unionism . Now is the time to do the forces , \"he said .
\" He will leave the SEAT \"Photo evolve and noted that fixed Kılıçdaroğlu If a country's intellect managed , \"another smart director range has more . political morality is the basis of political responsibility . a minister to come out,'I'm closing the mine , 50 people called together puts'says that there is only one thing that would make the minister from his post . Republican virtue and fazilets to be separated from that seat. If we expect respect for parents and workers underground hopefully you'll leave.'Here are the responsibility of the deceased worker belongs to me'you'll say , \"he said . Photo Echoing a state of mind that must be managed CHP leader, \"This is the essence of the work . Rights of workers must be protected. He's rights is not confined to our country. Under or over the sea or where you work , there are standards of any business . In 1995, working under a contract for mine workers . We are in 2014 , but the contract has not passed through Parliament . I call my brother mineworkers . Since 1995, this contract was coming to the parliament , you should ask for it. Your interests to defend me, protect you until you going to vote , \"he said.
\" SUCH JURISDICTION In the Middle Ages , EVEN IF NONE \"Photo Kılıçdaroğlu spoke as follows:Photo'a worker and labor the wild how capitalism can deliver ? Mass murder everywhere. Bart ashland mass murder . How do you defend that prohibits workers under the bread come out on top eating places mentality ? There are unlimited exploitation of the labor of savage capitalism. We call modern Turkey . What we are talking about Turkey honorable ? What are you talking about protection of honor in a country where sweat ? Workers shift system in place even under changing Soma . There is no way looking for. Such an arrangement not even in the Middle Ages . They are thought to have ruled the state. A country such unmanageable. \"The mind governed by a country
before the politicians'human'said advocate Kılıçdaroğlu, \"Politics is made for man and man's happiness. They are looking at the supporters and the mobile . Turkey was confronted with such a political understanding in no time. For the first time we have faced in the 21st century. We've set up for this Republic . If you're wasted all our slave labor not do it if you set up a system . Have crowned the Republic of democracy. The first time I saw a pluralistic party system in Turkey's history . Lost power hailed as a triumph for democracy .'Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the nation , \"he is the person Mustafa Kemal. A mindset that we have to accept the guardianship . They also complain of their guardianship until yesterday. Let's change the laws made ​​during the September 12 , he said. They did not see our this request. We have a tutelary democracy over outdated . Unemployment is how they sit in their seats and a power structure that is going to ignore the problem ? I'm asking you. Why are they getting power? Because the community of faith and prudently head as they rattle their ethnic identity. You say they prevent and game're one of us to give to someone else . 21st century beginning , we're back to the Middle Ages , \"he said .
\" THE LAW POWER STICK IS NOT \"Photo Words, \"Then drop us a task \"he continued Kılıçdaroğlu,\"the country of the loving, forward-thinking , loving child something to think of every citizen. We will stand against the fundamental beliefs and ethnic politics. When we do this the democracy , we will contribute to the Republic. Common wisdom is a state ruled by science. Certain citizens on the street . Supporters are not in equal conditions. He stole 2 per child 15 years of the trial wretched punishment . Safe in billions of dollars in shoes and bedroom playing , traveling , waving his arms hands. Theft can be an order which places a premium ? We have to break this pattern. We must fight against this order. Both talking about whether you're gonna talk about democracy and guardianship . I say , they do the necessary. Does not stick to the rule of law , \"he said. Photo inviting everyone to think Kılıçdaroğlu, \"will describe the thinking that. There seems to be a multi-party regime. What does the governor ,'I'm the mayor of power , \"he says . See those fed from the state. Refer to the supply of political power. They know that when we need to give this promise . We'll never let it power in the CHP , \"he said .
\" THE JUDICIARY WAS SOPA \"Photo enemies inside and outside Kılıçdaroğlu argued that continuous creation , the words continued:Photo \"They Hitler's are tactical . He led Germany to disaster table . I'm afraid this will lead to disaster tables in Turkey . The community also needs to know. They're playing the judiciary. They use the judiciary as a bat. We defend the citizens prosecutors he knew he was wronged . Prosecutors have now become engaged in theft protects . Feneri'yl sea began , and now they're trying to shut down on 17 December processes . They deal with as they wish . CHP held a single standing you will not turn it down. Now they are bringing a new package. They say ,'After a reasonable suspicion sufficient to prosecute a person .'I can confiscate your property if there is reasonable doubt the existence . I can throw you in jail and you'll find lawyers and judges shall I have decided to privacy . Your lawyer will not even know what he was in the file. In such a situation , Hitler did not even come to mind . Currently who is defending your rights and democracy ? The CHP. The life of this government is finished . The life of a power to the people who are out of print . Law wants to remove victims of competitors. Law is no longer standing with no pressure . Began a new quest in Turkey. I appeal to all citizens ; sit , think and act . Republic with a political party bearing the name and western civilization. He's got a political party before people . The process is the process. Task falls to us as well as our dear citizens. We need to return again our glorious honorable day. \"Photo \" We asked for the account of ALLOWING \"Photo Foreign addressing troops to pass through Turkey Kılıçdaroğlu,\"I do not want to touch the boots of a soldier alien into the territory of my own country. I am disturbed by this situation. It will ask for the account of permitting . If we do not do that in this country comes into trouble all the time . Today, the AKP , Turkey has become a power problem, introducing and producing of trouble . Come together , we resolve problems . Here is our promise . Inasmuch as we celebrate the Year of the Republic 91'inc , he'll crowned with reason, Republic of democracy. Wrote the book , he should not imprison people thought and thought . We will do what is required of it. Since we call universal law , then we will bring all standards related to safety in our own country. 12 years in power , they could not solve the unemployment and increased unemployment. Everyone should sit down and think , why do people working in unsuitable conditions under the ground , \"he said .
\" Our people UNEMPLOYED , They're trying to find them work \"Photo 15 million Syrians in Turkey also mentioned that there Kılıçdaroğlu, \"Our people unemployed who are trying to find them jobs . Grocery master's son Mehmet unemployed. We will bring business man found outside . Syrians to come , work place will win without tax or off , \"he said .
Cooperation and unity , pointing Kılıçdaroğlu,\"Turkey's problems will be locked . To relieve the society in the next process will put the project into the community. Proponents citizens would not win he will try to win . Not for the foreign policy of hostility , whether peace with all our neighbors , lest these objectives , we set out with the principle . We are one and the union. There despair in certain areas. Worthy of our souls , our historical despair . This country was losing hope even under occupation . There is a one-party justice. I know it's hard to fight , but we CHP. The only party to the light of the country. He will go to the community sector. Equality, peace, sweat , tranquility , common sense will be our politics on the bristle ruling , \"he said. Photo CHP Kılıçdaroğlu meeting attended by all MPs and members of the FMC , the former CHP leader and sat side by side with Antalya deputy Deniz Baykal . Photo Kılıçdaroğlu was later moved to the town of Manavgat experiencing floods

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