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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 16:31

Kılıçdaroğlu has spoken in Antalya

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Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Kılıçdaroğlu,"the corruption and bribery"claims related to the operation of Prime Minister Erdogan and his government, criticizing the"Four ministers entered politics as days to current assets disclosed to the public,"he said.

Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Kılıçdaroğlu,"the corruption and bribery"claims related to the operation of Prime Minister Erdogan and his government, criticizing the"Four ministers entered politics as days to current assets disclosed to the public,"he said.
CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu, in Antalya introductory meeting organized by the party candidates attended. Kılıçdaroğlu meeting held at the Glass Pyramid Congress Centre is located in the hall between the Provincial Chairman of the party cheering Revolution Root, Antalya Mayor Mustafa Akaydin and Antalya along with deputies entered the hall. Speaking at the CHP leader, beautiful, sunny day, but they are in peace, be at peace, he said. My choices Referring to the importance Kılıçdaroğlu,"this election fate you will determine the country's people will determine. Either of the 19th century into the darkness or the 21st century in light of the'll walk all together, peace, rest in peace beautiful to Turkey will rebuild,"he said.

"in Turkey in 2013, two major events have"
in 2013 in Turkey two major events that expresses Kılıçdaroğlu, the first of which Trip Park events, the second one"corruption"investigation 're told. Kılıçdaroğlu,"Corruption easy is not an event. States all the laws, institutions against corruption has been established. For this reason, for the corruption devil's triangle need; politics will be dirty politics at its disposal dirty democrats and dirty business man will be the three cornerstone of people holding a beer next, devil's triangle will be. these corruption without no. before state governing political institutions at the beginning of the people who will be honest. It is dirty down pollution goes, is clean cleaning chain goes down. Country hortumcu has expired, the Parliament budget is being discussed 76 million citizens' taxes speakers, but this control spending institutions, namely the Court's report in the National Assembly, no where is spent this country does not know. Here 76 million citizens call'm doing:We all pay tax child is born the moment pays tax formula, you will get water, take a bus telephones can talk, ladies dishwashing even pay tax. then the following subject'll ask then my taxes Where is spent'll ask yourself,"he said.
"political power, Taxes ADVANCED give the account does CHEST is embedded in
Referring to the operation of the CHP leader,"the son of a minister in the bedroom 1, not 2, not 6, not money counting machine involved. No 7 seed money counting machine at a bank branch does not exist. Is Turkey's largest corruption operation but also the world's largest corruption operation. The world no gang in the cabinet has been formed. For the first time in Turkey there are gangs in the Council of Ministers and the gang are currently on duty. Now they say it 'made external forces'. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the world is where I'm going to ask the simple question, that the Minister's son's bedroom millions of dollars to the euro, the crates of external forces me to bring laid. I'm waiting for the answer to this. Which external mihrat, then you're part of that external forces. Why did you allow this? 're Running the country for 11 years. 'There are gangs in the State says,' You're running for 11 years. Gangs If the Council of Ministers gathers thing you know, chieftain, who says that if you mirror you look at, make sure chieftain'll see,"he said.
"Which party that has given has given all patriots, child cares about the future of the peace for life, longing for those people, the vaccine get the job dienes, ethnic identity does not discriminate between airports, non-dogmatic ones, like a forest live as brothers who miss all of the CHP under are welcome. We the People of the partisiyiz"said Kılıçdaroğlu said:
"People's party, no head was open, his head was closed this does not happen, ethnic identity does not, creed would not be the only goal of the people to defend their interests before the public's enrichment is to ensure that. We do not engage in no one's ethnic identity, one's own identity is his honor. No one's belief is not busy, we his children are unemployed, hospital treatment Does the level of education, well, Turkey peace with its neighbors is alive, we're dealing with the politics that is the task."He said. Nazim Hikmet Abidin Dino said"Happiness picture can you do"he reminds Kılıçdaroğlu"They did not do a picture of people's happiness, but they did a very nice picture of corruption. There's something in my culture Anatolian culture, I have a concept of shame. Are you ashamed of thinking contrary to the moral rules of society in general, would you apologize before the nation, but this nation's predicament has an ar vessels. But they ar vessel cracked,"he said.
Police called
of Operations gangs is done by words evaluating Kılıçdaroğlu,"Now they say 'this work gangs doing'. I wonder if each of us money if we win we win money by the sweat of our brow, what do we do with that money, bank deposit, we'll be when we want to. We open our hearts to open my forehead, because we went out of their way to serve the public. Halal haram money is money that has no place in shoe boxes. They say, 'We will make revisions in the cabinet soon'. So 'we will change some of the Ministers' meet these ministers will be added. What do you mean revision, the whole world stood up to four ministers about allegations of corruption, there are claims regarding the Kids. Four ministers need to stay there for 1 minute. Only the ministry does no from parliament to resign should this nation's collar fall need,"he said.
Talk to the police and prosecutors also addressed the CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu,"Here the police to your friends prosecutors my friends I call the power of the police, do not be cruel police of being corrupt yapna not the police be the police's servants who eat right, make people's police. Your entitled to receive this power does not pay your salary in this country of 76 million people's pays taxes are paid, unfledged orphan your pension is paying, if you Recep Tayyip Erdogan listen to these files if you close both hands, we caught you will be in the police brother. If a Muslim says, if you say I'm clean ahlaklıy monthly giving me these folks, I'm using it for the children's future, if you say if you say it is a public service mission, then the police will not be cruel. Then you're going to be the people's police,'re going to defend the interests of the public, police brother. Friends may dismiss, rather than another can bring your friends, no matter what, you're going to protect the honor you identity and interests of the state, you'll be one of orphans to protect democracy. You're going to be brutal police across the side of the people my brother,"he said.
"Prosecutors are prosecutors of the Republic, 76 M MILLION behind your back"
Prosecutors also duties and deterred from anyone that calls Kılıçdaroğlu"And prosecutors, the name on the front of any government official does not have the word Republic. Prosecutor of the Republic, the state protects the prosecutor, who are fighting against corruption prosecutor, the prosecutor raised my batman, bat is not much of the 76 million citizens are paying the salary of the prosecutor. I call it here in the prosecutor's courageous stand upright 76 million people are behind you. Clean Turkey we need a political power to account not escape from the demokrasiyer account to give honest and honorable task, unscrupulous and give an account of the escape I'm talking so much, why you've snapped what they say let me tell you God's sake, engaged in corrupt what is called the right to use Eat What do you call me this people'll tell you what corruption involved an honest guy, an honest guy is fear of Allah servant ashamed of if you in that chair, even an hour sitting the need, 'I'm going to sit says, sit my brother you want to sit up, you're eating poison zıkkım Whether you sit there let's see,"he said.

come to power if they first four months of political morality issued the law would Kılıçdaroğlu,"the four ministers entered politics as days to current assets released to the public you"said. media called on the CHP leader, media, printing establishment has claimed that some media boss criticized.
Kılıçdaroğlu's speech after the CHP Antalya district mayors to name names, explaining the podium was called. Ibradi candidate Serkan Küçükkur, Korkuteli candidate Hussein Freckles Gazipasa candidate Can Burak Özgenç Kapez candidate Erdal suggest, Aksu candidate Genghis Aldemar, sandy nominated by Jesus Gülse, Alanya candidate Shafiq Türktaş, Apple candidate Mehmet Tufan, Phoenicia candidate Omar Whips, Gündogmus candidate Sami Yuksel, Kas candidate Ali Ihsan Benli Belt candidate Hope the sun, Serik candidate Muhammad Thread the Döşemealtı candidate Turgay young and on the podium posing for pictures Kılıçdaroğlu, left the hall. Manavgat candidate Sukru Sozen the name is read, although because of an excuse meeting could not come.

Kılıçdaroğlu has spoken in Antalya" comments for.


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