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SON Dakika

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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 12:24

Killed for a dime

Killed for a dime
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Marmara Eregli district of Tekirdag in the 65-year-old Hasan Demirkıran as a guest house where people get killed by the blades .

Tekirdağ news:
event , the Marmara Yeniçiftlik occurred at a camp in the neighborhood . Allegedly, Hasan Demirkıran who guarded the camp , left alone in the house and Gülşen Fuat B came as a guest . Fuat W here a while after taking alcohol , Demirkıran to give him money , he said. However Demirkıran the discussion on specifying whether the money came . Fuat BA from the kitchen receives bread knife and Hasan Demirkıran of the various places stabbed .
Has received knife wounds and the blood remaining in the Demirkıran from the house of the Fuat B and Gülşen A , Demirkıran on the door lock from the scene walked away. After a while Demirkıran called friends to come home . Long-time friends could not get the answer told the gendarmes . Gendarmerie team arrived at the scene , the door is locked by order of the public prosecutor came in , breaking the padlock . Demirkıran inside the body lying in blood was encountered. 112 medical teams called to the scene of his 65-year-old Hasan Demirkıran control was determined that lost their lives . From the scene M.Ereglisi District Police Commander, Captain Olcay time Tekinay made ​​a review. News Demirkıran near the field in tears did not come to the scene . The public prosecutor after the examination of Demirkıran , the Marmara State Hospital morgue has been removed.
fled after the incident the suspect Fuat B and his girlfriend Gülşen of staying home come on them bloody He threw clothes shred waste containers . Fuat B and his girlfriend were caught by the police they are stored at home . Fuat Yeniçiftlik about the incident brought to the gendarmerie station B, and his friend were interrogated . Fuat B confessed to committing the murder , while \"Together we drink alcohol . Then stabbed himself when you did not wanted the money ,\"he said . If Gülşen Fuat started arguing over money between them stating \"Fuat then stabbed , I wanted to stop but I could not ,\"he said .
Gendarmerie launched an investigation into the incident continues.

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