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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:32

Killed in the accident on the way to the feast Views

Killed in the accident on the way to the feast Views
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In Adana , a person is married and has two children , with a motorcycle on his way to visit his father feast shuttle died as a result of the collision .

Adana news:
accident , heart of the town center neighborhood Kozanyolu Scots pine occurred in the street . Mehmet Emin is Öküzbaş (32), his wife and children had left last night of Ramadan Öküzbaşı beside his father in the morning on their way to holy . Öküzbaş , wrapper Kozanyolu Quarter Street when it came to hitting the road with a service vehicle was thrown . Nearby citizens to report medical teams arrived on the scene . Öküzbaş in serious condition , Adana Numune Training and Research Hospital, has been removed. Health status heavier Öküzbaş , physician despite the efforts of lives lost.
\" GO FATHER leave us \"
Event hear Öküzbaşı's wife, mother Brunette Öküzbaş and 7-year-old daughter Amira Öküzbaş hospital arrived . Family, Mehmet Emin learn that killed Öküzbaşı was destroyed. Anne Brown Öküzbaş \"My son died for us did . I had not come to your place , I was dead . Children orphaned and now what do we do . Someone was a joke, tell me, it's not true ,\"he laments lit .
Öküzbaşı 7-year-old daughter also \"Daddy do not go, do not go father saying\"everyone's heart cry has mountains .
Öküzbaşı Mehmet Emin's funeral Adana Forensic Medicine for an autopsy to be removed to the morgue .

Killed in the accident on the way to the feast Views" comments for.


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