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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:56

Killing of British citizens marched to the dog house

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Muğla's Bodrum district , killed with her ​​dog irritation response came from British citizen animal .

Muğla news: Animal lovers into the house of the British action was made ​​gradually . This past Sunday, the 12-year dog killed by hitting her head with irritation on the grounds that the sick 48-year-old Brian Cool is walking in front of the British citizen's home in Bodrum Animal Rights Association members and animal lovers , wanted to return to Cool the country. Drinking and animal lovers from the position of banners in their hands went to the area where the dog was killed. Addressing Cool animal lovers who made ​​a home in the same area before the press release. Press releases of wanting to leave the country after Cool animal lover group of about 50 people was leaving the front of the house for 1 hour. K9 grade playing in condemning the punishment he received applause citizens condemned what was done to the dog . Other trades also animal lovers stimulus \"Nobody should help this man , grocery store you buy bread , Amasa minibuses , AMAS provides life and get back to his country ,\"he said in . Photo Bodrum Animal Rights Association President Fisun the incident in a press release Uslu also made ​​stating that an atrocity \"we condemn this man who killed brutally with their own dog . this brutality has become reality in Turkey . this owner is brutally murdered by the'arm'is the dog that once again force 5199 on animal protection law is actually not a protection , function as a support to destroy it clear shows . he killed said he lived in our city with their own dog lived with a British citizen Bryan Coll 12 years stamped piece with irritation in front of everyone's eyes and threatened self who want to avoid . this savagery silent means being common to stay crime. in his statement to the police already going to die he expressed while giving what is so grave incident reveals . We want to change the law protecting those kayvan as animal lovers , \"he said . Citizens gathered in front of a Photo Cool door \"how to chop you dog , \"he called Cool down . The surrounding intense security measures were taken for Coolen open the door. Photo dOG tahrir wITH killed Photo working as staff in the yacht in Bodrum Icmeler located 48-year-old Brian Cool is a British citizen , was killed by K9 breed dogs the blink of irritation to . lived together for 12 years \"Arm\"is dog does not see his eyes and defecated in front of the door was shot dead in the head several times with iron irritation to the grounds and then \"I relieve already died would I have to suffer ,\"he said .
$ 200 aND RELEASED Photo Events after police teams , brutally killing his dog Brian took custody Cool , Cool record keeping , had been referred to the court. said in court that he killed because of the dog's health problems and explaining how to kill British, but was released by cutting $ 200 penalty .

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