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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:15

Kinay from Halkbank'Date'Thanks

Kinay from Halkbank'Date'Thanks
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Cebeci President Hasan Halkbank Board of Directors and General Manager Ali Fuat SOE combined with Taşkesenlioğlu Commission President Hasan Fehmi Kinay , thanking them for their opening as bank branch's historic mansion located in Kütahya Victory Square.

Kütahya news:
Kinay , Halkbank Kütahya Victory Square Branch of the building, the historic mansion of the model of the Halkbank Board Hasan Chairman Cebeci and General Manager gave to Ali Fuat Taşkesenlioğlu .
Kinay , said in a statement, \"As you know, Halkbank Kütahya Victory Square'historic mansion known as the Pink Pavilion name in the was opened as a restored ettirip bank branches . He showed interest in historical heritage in Halkbank Kütahya and we are with this approach have too happy . us thank on this occasion, on behalf of all of Kütahya and by gifts of the models of their historic structures that branch ettik.önü our time zone in the B \u0026 we plan to do as the Governor of the Association city Kütahya workshop for the Halkbank Board of Directors supports our istedik.planla'hosts city Kutahya purpose of the workshop is to become a registered cultural property and civil architecture of the buildings restored and livable again , the host with the is encouraging . Things to workshops in the relevant ministries to encourage the use of the mansion residential or commercial leisure , local governments will be the contribution of academic institutions. When this is achieved , touch history with 365 civil architecture by the host with the neighborhood level in an integrated manner restored for tourism great potential of being revealed çıkarılacaktır.beylerbe Historical Studies Workshop, which is organized by the Environment and Education Society , Environment and Urban Planning , Ministry of Development , Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ministry, Kütahya Governor , Kütahya Municipality, TOKI , TRT, DP , ITU , CEKUL , IEP , Kütahya Cultural and Natural Heritage Board and Kütahya Architects will be held with the support of room and with the participation of such institutions and organizations Halkbank \"he said . ( EFA)

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