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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:10

Kışanak, Joins the Neighborhood Council Meeting

Kışanak, Joins the Neighborhood Council Meeting
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Co-chairman of the Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Gültan Kışanak , listened to their problems by visiting the Neighborhood Housing Assembly with Peyas Neighborhood Council .

Diyarbakır news: Photo Journalism Public Relations Directorate within the scope of the series of meetings organized by the Municipality Gültan Kışanak co-chairman , co-chairman of Larissa with the HDPE Hussein visited the Neighborhood Housing Assembly with Oğuzsoy'l . Assembly co-chairman of Ziya Gökalp , council managers and Housing 1 , the structure of the council attended the meeting in the 2nd and 3rd stage manager and also gave information about the work . Gökalp , he also lacks information about the neighborhood. Housing 1, 2, 3. The stage managers consisting of 120 households with Fidel Site administrators neighborhood in asphalt , green spaces , expressed problems in areas such as transportation. Housing's entry into the natural gas to 90 percent , it was stated that the roads and sidewalks are negatively affected , said the need to eliminate the infrastructure problems.
Co-Gültan Kışanak , said the coordinated work of the parish council and local governments will add power politics. Kopani , Kışanak'ın who mentioned the reflection of the war in Sinjar , said that the newly connected towns of basic infrastructure problems . Nursery will open in Aziziye , however relevant planning record they will implement in 2015 Kışanak, said it will create a unit in order to prevent substance abuse , which is complained of . The other is the Photo Date series was realized with Peyas Neighborhood Council. Co-Gültan Kışanak , Kayapınar Council Co-Chairs M. Ali Aydın, Fatma Archimedes drive from Assembly members Rare Bingöl, St. Kutlu Value , visited the Peyas Neighborhood Council. Parliament Speaker Merdan fasting, indicating that parts of the study because of the war in Kopani and Sengal , said 50 families with a population of 400 bar in the neighborhood. This family of food, clothing, indicating that their needs are met by the parish such as heating fasting growing needs with the arrival of winter, wanted to be borne by the Municipality and the Municipality of Kayapınar . Currently there is a need Kobani'yi of children from school and stated that the two teachers in the coming Lent , he could be training for children in the event of the creation of physical conditions . Fasting , in order to avoid the neighborhood drug use also reported that studies should be done . Photo speaking here Kayapınar Municipal Co-Chairman Aydin said the people's problems must resolve to be organized by the municipality with the Assembly , said that the council's place to reach people at the earliest . Photo Municipality Co-Chair Kışanak also , neighborhood councils , along with stating that the basic approach of the study , \"Because the People's Assembly created the basis for democratic politics. if we want to survive as a people and we want to solve our problems faster strong public assemblies and here all our institutions need to see as the main centers \"he said. Photo Kışanak'ın thanking council for the people's will has revealed that experienced war and the coming together of parts sourced from immigration but said it should resolve it quickly . Without assistance as required to complete the family came to Diyarbakir from Kobani'yi also able to secure an order Kışanak'ın expressing his gratitude supporting ring . Kışanak, \"Indeed they developed the mobilization soul. Their home, they opened their hearts. I hope that as soon as he is released from Kopani occupation where the family circle and return to their dorms ,\"he said .

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