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  • 18 Ocak 2014, Cumartesi 16:54

Kitchen with TeknoSA Days

Kitchen with TeknoSA Days
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Teknosa for consumers such as"The Kitchen with Teknoser Days"guest Dr.

İstanbul news:  Teknosa for consumers such as"The Kitchen with Teknoser Days"guest Dr. Ender Sarac was. Saddler in the event of a healthy diet as well as the tricks of the women gave special recipes.
consumer Teknosa organized by the"Kitchen with Teknoser Days"event with the participation of nutritionist Ender Sarac Maltepe Park Teknoser Extra superstore was performed. Ender Sarac dishes on the menu selected by the chef of the famous Silk Tanrıverdi'ye his event, to make life easier in the kitchen, very special recipes prepared with the use of materials. On the other hand Teknoser women to be drawn during the event to showcase their skills in the kitchen were cutthroat competition. Degrees to women entering the competition were given a variety of gifts.
2 years nutritionist who organized five events Ender Sarac, women gave important information about healthy nutrition. Healthy and delicious diet should be together and try to emphasize stating Sarac,"Women of the world, which facilitates with tools, healthy and delicious food chef Virgo Tanrıverdi'yl with're doing. People can buy cheap ones, in stores located but the user not in the habit, for example, black lentil healing some substances in these competitions We are using. Nowadays obesity in Turkish population began to increase. Children faulty nutrition and consequent troubles too began to increase. us both entertaining as well as sweet bickering contest with doing at the same time healthy and delicious diet should be together and are trying to teach. Principles Our goal against obesity and public both our protect our children,"he said.

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