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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:24

Know yourself to Cor Mental Health

Know yourself to Cor Mental Health
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Aydın Provincial Director of Public Health Dr.

Aydın news: Read Senol , the first step in protecting the mental health of the person to recognize him , he said .
World Mental Health Day 2014, the main theme'Living with Schizophrenia'determined , indicating that Dr. Senol Reads , \"Mental health problems the person expected of them at work, school , home, social roles, and for self care functions gradually loses productive qualities and the sociability of the loss and the task does not disrupt their meaning disability leads . Mental health problems of those with at least one relative that that spirit health problems, the social dimension is extremely interesting . world Mental Health Day, this year's theme of'living with schizophrenia'unless otherwise stated. world Health Organization according to a study , schizophrenia worldwide disability most leads 10 from the disease is one and adequately treated when it is not more loss of function and familial problems leads . schizophrenia brain's most important functions , feelings, and behavior seen in the major disorders result is observed person's whole human relationships and daily lives are affected. you close your schizophrenic patients about the disease knowledge to be him, how to know how to behave , will be easier to fight . Hide disease burden and of the families are exacerbated in patients guilt . So that schizophrenia is a brain disease and the importance of early detection to treatment and disease known to be hiding . There must be communication with patients as possible . Other people something to share should be allowed , \"he said .
Aydin two separate centers in mental health service delivery noted Reader, \"In our country, community-based mental health services model with the application of our province Nazilli and Soke district community mental health centers was commissioned of people with mental health problems and social skills spend their time during the day can increase the treatment and therapy at the same time serve as centers to carry on . In addition, substance abuse prevention , stigma and discrimination, the child's psychosocial development support program against women, domestic violence and health outcomes, early diagnosis, suicide early recognition as well as risk groups for preventive mental health within the context of family physicians and primary care staff by informing preventive activities are carried out \"he said .
your family doctor
about mental health of Family Physicians Get help from evidence that readers , we warned:\"Mental health, our first step in protecting your own feelings, thoughts and capabilities in the ie gain awareness is to recognize ourselves . That is not vulnerable to human life itself . Mental Health related problems can consult your family physician and psychiatrist \"

Know yourself to Cor Mental Health" comments for.


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