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Koc Holding Snow Description

Koc Holding Snow Description
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Koç Holding , the first three quarters of 2014, on a consolidated basis , while achieving a total sales revenue of £ 51.3 billion , the first 9 months of the year combined investment amount realized was reached 5 billion.

İstanbul news: Koç Holding CEO Turgay Durak , while the 2011-2013 year Koç said as they performed a total of £ 11.1 billion combined investment. Photo by Koç Holding in the first nine months of 2014 to evaluate the financial results of Koç Holding CEO Turgay Durak , 2011-the Koç Group in 2013, recalling that they invested a combined total of TL 11.1 billion , said:\"Challenging market conditions although we continue unabated our investment with our belief in the potential of our country. we proudly stated I would like to , pier and railway connections with the finance charges total , including investments amounted to 3 billion dollars Tüpraş Fuel Oil Conversion project entered the testing phase. the countdown has begun to go into production of the plant . this project , our country , as well as significant value to be added to the economy , the current account deficit and commissioning is expected annual reduction of about $ 1 billion. Tofaş news of two new car models in terms of investment on a global scale to demonstrate the success of the Turkish engineering , made us proud that we recently announced . Passing the largest organic investment period of our history. As we have always emphasized our founder Vehbi Koç,'If I'm in my country'said Koç Group, while building our particular present and our future , let us shed light on our most basic manual guiding . Happily, as it was yesterday, today we continue to work with perseverance and stability reasons for our country in the future , \"he said . Photo Station , in the third quarter of Turkey's economy , the presidential election of positive activity with ACE optimistic air effect than the reduced political risk and abroad with the completion seen in the media , he said . Turgay Durak , media operations for the third quarter was evaluated as follows:\"Year exhibits a very weak domestic demand outlook in the second quarter , gave albeit limited signs of recovery in the third quarter . Nevertheless, in the first nine months of the year was below the long term average . Central Bank of the May-July period, with partial recovery recorded in a total of 175 basis points in interest rates and consumer confidence , credit growth gained pace in the banking sector in the third quarter . Since the first nine months of the year at the beginning of the year, credit growth stood at 13 percent. Automotive market , rising vehicle prices , excise duty hike, such as the limitations imposed on factors such as vehicle loans by 19 percent in the first nine months of the year as a result of significantly decreased ; growth in exports was offset partially the recession. Production fell 1 per cent in the base year . White goods market also took place in sectors that contracted in 2014. Fell 4 percent in the first nine months of domestic white goods sales in the base year . Similarly, the increase in the exports of white goods market due to the positive trend continued in Europe. If oil prices fell due to high oil supplies from countries outside OPEC in the third quarter , September 95 dollars/barrel at the close . This fall , both the current account deficit in the coming period is expected to make a positive impact on both inflation. Despite the contraction in consumer terms of domestic demand is weak for a year and we operate in the sector have continued at full speed to invest in the Koç Group . \"Photo \"Koç Group as the excitement of our new investment , we are proud of our investment in the final stage, saying, \"continued the words Turgay Durak , art increased from investing news of the Koç Group, Turkey's future and pointed out that the biggest indicator of belief in the potential. Turgay Durak words continued as follows:\"Tüpraş İzmit refinery, the world's most advanced refineries will make one of the Fuel Oil Conversion Project last entered into a bend. Our country's current account deficit and commissioning as well as project will provide significant added value to the economy will shrink by about $ 1 billion annually . Initiated the opening of the Fuel Oil Conversion Facility will perform the test run proudly in the coming months. 3.5 million tons due to the project , which will annually produce 4.2 million tons of products, including white goods , be able to work at full capacity Tüpraş refineries and Turkey's largely 2.9 million tons of the need diesel that imports meet the Fuel Oil Conversion , including the facility , 11 million be met tons through domestic production . \"Photo reminded that Turkey carried out by the Koç Group Companies of close to half of the automotive production and exports Turgay Durak , Ford Otosan and Tofaş R in the automotive industry-he emphasized that D investments with prominent. Turgay Durak , Ford Otosan said that the new R \u0026 D center continued as planned the construction . the Tofaş , which is working on the new Doblo and the new after Sedan described recently two new cars with the decision of the automotive industry signed to one of the largest investment in the history of horse stressed . Photo Turgay Durak , he continued as follows:\"In terms of the first 9 months of 2014, Koç was a period of significant development. AES's business partner in our position in the energy sector , AES Entek shares owned by our company of Koç Holding and the decision was purchased by the wider community. Thus, to reach 99.24 percent of the shares in AES Entek Koç Holding . Celebrating its 70th year, Yapi Kredi continues its growth strategy and investments in the first nine months of its network by opening 35 new branches has reached 978 years . Yapi Kredi 70th year, the 1,000-branch aims to close a bank. \"Photo supplier of environmental, social and corporate governance evaluating the performance of subjects Istanbul Stock Exchange that it is a very important development of the start of the calculation of the Sustainability Index is also notable Turgay Durak , \"Stock Market Koç constitute 16 percent of the total market value of companies traded in Istanbul, among the 15 companies that made ​​the difference in the Sustainability Index by entering the 5 companies . Istanbul Stock Exchange Sustainability Index traded on that date BIST 30 initiate the work of all our companies index that met the criteria , we have done our sustainability strategy I see it as the reward of stable investment , \"he said . Photo Vehbi Koç Foundation's education work in health and culture successfully continued in stating Turgay Durak , established under the foundation umbrella drew attention to the success of Koç University , \"Universities , scientific research over the past 21 years, only distinguished scientists and their talented students has brought to the site is not in Turkey , between educational institutions that is appreciated worldwide has managed to take its place. Koç University School of Medicine with the commencement of operation of the Training and Research Hospital in Turkey and in the world , our faith will get a more specific location providing full contribution to science , \"he said .

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