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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 08:37

Kocasinan Balad District Foundation of Home Ahead

Kocasinan Balad District Foundation of Home Ahead
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Kocasinan Mayor Mustafa Celik , Kayabaşı beyazşehir Quarter neighborhood and will be held on the basis of the said Houses will be thrown in the coming days .

Kayseri news: Photo Municipality Law No. 5393 collected pursuant to Article 21 of the Municipal Assembly of Talas tied decide upon the issues on the agenda . Speaking at the November council meeting Steel President , which gave information about the work done so far and will be assisted municipalities . Yemliha opened in the past week that Women Development Centre of the local people and the President met with great joy by giving it the center of the eggplant cultivation , including the information will be used primarily for courses to be implemented in different areas for women Steel ; \"We had a week of the opening of the Women's Development Center in Yemliha past . Municipal've allocated for this work building the state abandoned next to the old building. This is apart from being training center for use by women in Yemliha can teach the eggplant cultivation in particular will become a center. The local people we observed that there were quite happy with this situation , \"he said . Photo Yemliha Steel Chairman stating that the service can not get the last 5 months so far , and services for the region to do the asphalt road 17 kilometers long irrigation channel construction and technique of furnishing services in schools outlined . in relation to the work to be done around the dam recreation Photo Yamula the information that Chairman Steel , said ; \"We give a new recreation area mention will be made around the Dam Yemlihan before the elections . However, for a long period of continued our project. We have completed the tender herewith in the past week . Here we have produced a different project. We have started the construction practice with the Spring season. In the project we planned a nice pool can go easily of all segments of society. this pool would have been one of the main pillars projects in Yemliha \"Photo Sumerian region of fragrant gardens example which will be the name of the park working on a separate brackets open Chairman Steel,\"an exemplary Kayseri we perform sample award of a park with fragrant gardens name . would take the energy of our citizens from all walks will take in the in this park different game groups , \"he said . Photo Currently the concrete floor of the flood protection channels in the coating with the ground they perform the contract in the business highlights President Mustafa Celik ; \"The flood control channel until the beginning Warehouse Locality from the airport by taking into concrete floor will be led to the improvement . Every job since we came to office, we work with our business are our principles . Our priority is the condition that develops three three round both sides of the channel , through improving this channel the way we do , \"he said .
built using printing techniques, new sidewalks and curbs period giving information with regard to the application Chairman Steel ; \"The election returns us , we promise that we will go to a new application in place space borders and lock cobblestones . We are however not relevant in Kayseri applied previously launched the high-quality and convenient sidewalk and curb work . Initially, to Fevziçakmak , Erciyesev are , Fatih and MimarSinan neighborhood in our these sidewalks we begin the construction , \"he said . Photo neighborhood that information be President soon begin the construction of homes Steel , which will be held in the Neighborhoods giving the news to beyazşehir Kayabaşı and laid the foundation of the neighborhood House ; \"The neighborhood is starting the construction of their home. Beyazşehir and Kayabaşı work digging the foundation of neighborhood houses in our neighborhood will do all together we will build in the coming days ,\"he said .


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