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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 11:49

Kohlrabi:\"Experiencing Joy And Sorrow One \"

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General Mine Workers Union President Eyup Kohlrabi , 22 rödevansl off the field notes related companies found in quarries .

Zonguldak news: General Mine Workers Union President Eyup Kohlrabi , 22 rödevansl off the field notes related companies found in quarries .
General Mine Workers Union President Eyup Kohlrabi , 22 rödevansl field companies Quarry closing elucidations by making 12 September 2014 as of the date published in Official Gazette bag laws Zonguldak , especially in Turkey and joy as well as sorrow caused said . Mine workers just live in dignity can not charge a fee of hope when moving unemployed living in fear of the sad situation that expresses Kohlrabi , said:
\"Especially mine workers concerning the articles of the law on joy and sadness together unfolds. Especially in Zonguldak be Turkey to many parts of the working miners happy to be the law of grief caused. Yet the most important ingredient costs that concern about costs mad was .'underground coal and lignite mines working in the mine workers'wages two minimum wage can not be less'agent shall enter into force on the date of from the beginning in Zonguldak royalty businesses including Turkey's many mining enterprises work place has closed; these costs and coal production can not do on the grounds that their work has stopped . so far we know of about 3 thousand 500 mine workers from this process is affected.companies'statement after we GMİS Üyeleri'yle as we're trying to follow . Our bags laws regarding private and public sector members who work in our friends Friday since this region visited by about the process have informed . \"
\" bigger problems will arise \"
's difficulties are not corrected as soon as problems arise in the region that expresses a larger Kohlrabi , \"Mine workers can live in dignity precisely when you carry the hopes of receiving a fee for fear of becoming unemployed, sad situation. Turkey's need for coal is increasing rapidly . Turkey's current account deficit equivalent to the fees paid to energy imports , while Turkey's foreign trade deficit of $ 100 billion and hung it in such a process which increases the costs of production of coal mine workers on the grounds that the sad situation of the unemployed . This topic is not resolved next process in Zonguldak in our region basin Us bigger problems will arise , \"he said .
\" EMPLOYERS's concerns should be heard \"
experienced in this process, employers'misgivings ear should be stated that the Kohlrabi , said:
\"Especially Turkey Hard Coal Authority ( TTK) reduction , with illegal mines by turning basin serious difficulties that the Zonguldak public for a long time was discussed. this law enters into force , the cost will increase on the grounds rödevansl in the fields such problems occur in this region is very different traumas will live . 4 thousand people at the same time to remain unemployed for the region sad situation. Winter is approaching , schools were opened , holidays are approaching. humans elated when they should be a fact of life with the head to head left. We General Mine Workers Union ( GMİS Üyeleri'yle ) as long as these parties together to find a solution as soon as possible , without losing any of our friends work hesitancy of employers giving ear to the completion of this process in the healthiest way we wish . If the task falls to us in this process, how are willing to give any contribution . \"

Kohlrabi:\"Experiencing Joy And Sorrow One \"" comments for.


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