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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:44

Konya Bed Capacity to Exit 8 thousand

Konya Bed Capacity to Exit 8 thousand
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With new hotels will be launched within a year of Konya was stated bed capacity will rise to 8 thousand .

Konya news: Photo Turkey Travel Acanta Association ( TÜRSAB) Regional Executive Director Kazim Yanar Konya , Konya, presently coming within one year of which 6 thousand new hotel beds , 11 said the planned removal of the 8 thousand . The need arises this number in the future will illuminate indicating that they believe will further increase , Istanbul is not only composed of Rumi's many historic , drew attention to the cultural and natural heritage , said this potential also should be better assessed. In recent years, Yana emphasis on major changes in Konya is a need for some new museum , Çatalhöyük is necessary to introduce better explained, Klistra a while , he said , surely more value whether it should of brought to the forefront. Since it's in the effort , emphasizing that , in connection with the upcoming Exalted Mevlana commemorations, some expressed that they are in some expectations . So far, Seb-i Yanar reminded that made ​​the culture of Arus ceremony center, because the space-constrained from tour operators stay here you have to limit a certain number of 10 thousand people and congress center in order to overcome this problem Seb-i said they expect to be the Arus ceremony. To be on again, the cultural center of the normal ceremony but Seb-i Arus of a study conducted to be in the convention center , that a decision has not yet given this issue but themselves as TÜRSAB also Yana stressed that they want it, \"We are the 10 thousand convention center in Seb-i Arus ceremony we want to fill in . of course, only be finished in 17 days Mevlana , that many delegations calling for it to Konya, brings, we are trying to promote our Konya better , \"he said .

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