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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:32

Konya Commodity Exchange , the Agricultural Bank Visit

Konya Commodity Exchange , the Agricultural Bank Visit
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Konya Commodity Exchange (KTB ), Agricultural Bank officials were the guests .

Konya news: Agricultural Bank Regional Coordinators for
Mustafa Hamurcu, KTB Chairman Muhammad Ugur visiting Walled exchange of views aimed at increasing agricultural trade found. Hamurcu, Konya Commodity Exchange 300 thousand tons of licensed warehousing , Electronic Sales Salon and borsakony Electronic Platform impressive investment and services that these services the country's agricultural trade nationally and internationally to be effective in terms made ​​important contributions , he added . Agricultural Bank of agriculture and agricultural trade is concentrated in the region a more active role in stating that they aimed Hamurcu, from this point of agriculture with stakeholders more often would discuss said.
\" licensed warehouse should be encouraged \"
agriculture for supporting the work faster and economical importance of resolving pointing to the KTB Chairman Muhammad Ugur Walled, especially agricultural trade change and transformation which is the symbol and investment costs with higher licensed warehouse in support of the strategic need to be addressed , he said . Walled, \"In our country of agricultural products harvested 1-2 months as soon as the realized consumption throughout the year continues. Healthy storage , the manufacturer of the goods at any time in the can sell , traders and industrialists of the required quality and quantity of goods to reach and all of these transactions be recorded , with food also traceability with the manufacturer, state , industrialists , merchants and ultimately consumers stand to gain . So everyone for the benefit of the licensed warehouse should be developed and should be expanded . investment costly licensed warehousing in particular should be encouraged. strategic investment will be treated as licensed warehousing of agricultural our trade will develop . in addition to this, previously applied in the field of animal husbandry and non-interest bearing long-term credit facilities are to be implemented in this area . Licensed private sector willing to invest in warehousing will be excited , \"he said .

Konya Commodity Exchange , the Agricultural Bank Visit" comments for.


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