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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 15:22

Konya Manufacturing Industry Confidence Index Announced

Konya Manufacturing Industry Confidence Index Announced
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Konya Chamber of Industry , Turkey's first locally Manufacturing Industry Confidence Index results were announced.

Konya news: Konya Chamber of Industry , Turkey's first locally Manufacturing Industry Confidence Index results were announced. Konya Chamber of Industry ( KSO) and the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) in collaboration with the Manufacturing Industry Confidence Index by the Konya ; In April Konya Manufacturing Industry Confidence Index increased by 0.6 points from the previous month to 20.2 points lower value .
study evaluating the results of KSO President of TOBB Board Member Memiş Kütükçü manufacturing confidence index rising Konyalı producers hope for the future revealed that , plus the research results according to the manufacturers , 65 percent in the next three-month period to increase their productivity , he said. Konya in Turkey's Manufacturing Industry Confidence Index is reminiscent of the first President Kütükçü , kso 40th year of the founding of the results in the index periodically reported each month will be shared with the public .
KSO and TEPAV held in collaboration Konya manufacturing Industry confidence Index Survey results in April, the manufacturing industry confidence index increased by specifying the following information took place:\"Konya manufacturing industry 54.7 percent a month ago by the manufacturing industry, the general trend is better than you think . worse thinking that the rate of 17.3 per cent , while the same thinking that 28 per cent level . manufacturing industry in the course of Konya throughout Turkey more optimistic than was observed . Konya in April, when viewed in the manufacturing industry sub-sectors of durable goods was the best performing sector . durable consumer goods ; food and beverage industry and investment goods followed. These three sectors , in April 2014, the index value on the value received . Intermediate goods , consumer goods and non-durable consumer goods index is lower than the value received April 2014 . Excluding food and beverage industry as non-durable goods sector was the only negative value . Operating in the manufacturing industry in Konya in April of 2014 and 31.7 percent over the past 3 month production had increased expression , while production increased 65 percent in the coming three months , he said. According to the manufacturer's Konyalı seems to be hopeful for the future . Manufacturing industry 33.7 percent of the existing final product inventory levels are below normal , he said . Konya manufacturing industry production limiting factors examined manufacturing firms operating in the 27.3 percent the workforce deficiency , 24.3 percent of financial constraints , 23.3 per cent of other factors and 19 percent insufficient demand, restricting production , he said . This case, the unemployment rate is very low compared to the average in Konya, Turkey , is the need of skilled labor in the manufacturing industry reveals. April 2014 in Konya percent of operating in the manufacturing industry 72.7 for the past 3 month average unit costs had increased expression , while the next three months, 55.3 percent of the average unit cost increased again , he said. 31.3 per cent of manufacturers Konyalı percent sales prices will increase in the next three months , he said. Costs and sale prices in Konya , Turkey and the EU compared to the balance value ; last 3 months and ahead of the third month in Konya, Turkey, more than the average unit cost has increased. In the next three months, while the selling price expectations of Konya, Turkey and the EU more generally expect the price increase was observed. April 2014 in Konya percent of operating in the manufacturing industry 34.7 for the past 3 months, while noting that the total increase of orders , total orders increased 71 percent in the coming three months , he said. Manufacturers Konyalı 15.3 percent of the current order is above normal , while stating that 52.7 percent said that at a normal level . Accordingly, the order in Konya manufacturer's future seems to be hopeful about . Order details when viewed in the domestic market and export to the domestic market in order expectations of future export orders appears to be more than expected . \"

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