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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 15:41

Konya Provincial Coordination Committee Meets

Konya Provincial Coordination Committee Meets
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Provincial Coordination Committee meeting was held in Konya .

Konya news: Provincial Coordination Committee meeting was held in Konya .
Meeting , Istanbul Governor Muammer Erol headed Konya Chamber of Commerce was held in the Conference Hall . Meeting governors, regional and provincial directors and district mayors attended.
2014 investments brief information note providing Deputy Governor Bekir Yilmaz, investors from the organizations Term Monitoring Report by the year 2014 in the investment program of 763 units of the project , he said . Deputy Governor Yilmaz, 9 billion 539 million TL of the total cost of the project , a total of appropriations for the year 2014 that was passed 2 billion 215 million TL . Yilmaz, \"June 30, 2014 As of this appropriation the sum of 969 million 201 thousand TL expenditure of 44 percent cash realization is provided . Cash realization ratio of local governments by 50 percent , other investors in the organizations 39 per cent respectively. 763 projects , 129 projects have been completed and , 486 studies on the ongoing , 36 tender phase, 112 to the initiated could . started unable projects, studies , Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and tender preparation continues , \"he said .
projects by sector distribution of the explanation Yilmaz,\"Agriculture 114, mining 3 , power 15 , transport 112, training of 193 health 21 and Other Public Services ( CHD ) 305 pieces. Finished projects in the agricultural sector 5 in the transport sector 12 in the education sector 20 , in the health sector 2 and CHD in Sector 90 , \"he spoke . STATE OF OLD STADIUM

Bekir Yılmaz, Deputy Governor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Municipality gives information about the investment Haşmet Secretary General Reader, about what will happen to the old stadium , \"Municipal our decision on this issue is not yet finalized . yet this much I can say . trading for a busy construction certainly concerned will not . structuring no possibility one of the Metropolitan Municipality Building as may be considered. however other than that strictly commercial purposes, a busy construction will not happen. Green field intensity as a gift to our city as a place I can say that , \"he said .

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