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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:11

Kopani events

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Lawyers Foundation of Turkey ( TÜRAVAK ) Vice President Malatya Bar Association Former President Av.

Malatya news: Selahattin Sarioglu , \"the game since I've been ,\"he said .
Kopani due to events in his written statement, the citizens calm , unity and solidarity inviting Selahattin Sarioglu , \"Kurds, Turks and the rest of us , for example, the Atatürk Dam in or Lake Van in the water we're like . Petroleum poor super industry, this water is mixed , poking sticks confuses \"he said .
\"Big and beautiful Turkey , our beautiful province of the very nice young people , romantic vessels to information supplied think high target and pursued rights is not right , no path is dead, killed before September 12 the hitherto \"the Sarıoğlan , description was completed as follows:
\"Oil and the Islamic lands in the Middle East inserted into the rod the same , right? Güngörmüş people is a witness , the Palestine, Iran, Iraq , Jordan, Lebanon , Syria. tears of mothers and flowing blood of brothers to accept the fact , the fate singled almost . Iran-Iraq War let us recall one . 1980-88 between the eight-year-long war , a million people , for whom , and for what did he die? Is not it enough to know that even our young people , all of us ; Is not it enough to devşirme ourselves in our minds . It's like stepping know , let's not play this game and to play well , I say let's not go too ! \"

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