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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:19

Kopani for Persons Killed in Action Press Release Done

Kopani for Persons Killed in Action Press Release Done
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Some civil society organizations came together in Elazig (NGOs), while distributing sacrificial meat to those killed in the protests in Kop press release did bring about their response .

Elazığ news:
in Elazığ IHH , Your ass is mine , AB-i Life Foundation , Wise Der Furqan Foundation, Imam Hussein Society , Pen-Der and New İhya-Der , including the NGO members , a Post Office in the square were collected. The crowd in Diyarbakır of Isidor , to Kobani'nin'Ayn-el Arab'groups which enter the event as an excuse Börü Yasin and others killed by the vehicle's photographs . From time to time the crowd that Lindsay Lohan'We Yasin Börü'yüz slogan popped .
NGOs on behalf of IHH President Metin Kilic Elazığ Branch has made ​​a press statement . Sword in the description of our country, a new chaos scenario left behind stating \"40 lives and billions of pounds in damages costing dirty scenario, a set of facts of the veil of the tearing provided. Past days, Isidor's , Kobani'nin attack as an excuse exhibited in our country atrocities , exactly the purpose of serving an attempt has been , \"he said .
the Turkish people and common sense have all Muslims Isidor called the organization and its revealed against the violence is describing Sword, said:\"It's everyone known is the truth which , Kopani attack pretext in Turkey the actions initiated in the religious people of Islamic NGOs, Koran schools and mosques especially been targeted , vandals attacked by some remained . sacrificial meat distributes very young seedlings , most wild animals, not even in a way that dozens of times, stabbed the balcony down thrown sticks lynch mixture, which means be passed over how can be explained . carrying this hatred in the hearts of masked vandals face , which is a servant of the objectives of the dark pew . All of these events , the Islamic geography into a bloody quagmire One of the objectives of the imperialist powers in Turkey is to draw into this quagmire . Government invite you to be careful about it . \"
Press release after the crowd broke up peacefully .

Kopani for Persons Killed in Action Press Release Done" comments for.


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