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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:31

Kopani Walking uneventful Ended

Kopani Walking uneventful Ended
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The Kopani march held in Malatya , ended without incident.

Malatya news: Photo Malatya Labor and Democracy Platform march organized by the Kopani began in Emeksiz Centenary Junction. Under extensive security measures , banners and marching up to the underpass Emeksiz exchange group with their hands , gathered in front of the PTT. Photo PTT front Malatya Labor and Democracy Platform in a statement on behalf of the Head of the inode . Dr. Hasan Demirtas, \"In Syria, the Kopani cantons in Rojav the days gives dignity and survival under siege by Isidor gangs equipped with heavy weapons. People in Kobani'yi , doing self-defense against these attacks . Home of the lands and their lives protecting the ISID violence. Us Kopani's we declare that we are next to this resistance. Kopani are not alone , \"he said . Photo Demirtas , said that they gathered to support Kobani'yi , \"Three one hand besieged Kobani'yi's loneliness must find last longer. Kopani no longer a city , all mankind resistance is . Kopani is no longer the name of a region of peace , equality, fraternity is the name of human values ​​like freedom. Humanity guiding as a shepherd star committed to go Kobani'yi's footsteps , \"he said . group after the
press release, chanting slogans , dispersed without incident .

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