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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 10:03

Korkuteli Teaching Staff Application Process Continues

Korkuteli Teaching Staff Application Process Continues
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District Education Directorate of Antalya Korkuteli application process while appointing teachers , teacher assignments are made through the Ministry of Information Systems .

Antalya news: Antalya Korkuteli District Directorate of Education to the teacher assignment application process , while continuing teacher assignments Ministry of Information Systems is done via .
Ministry of National Education (MONE) by 40 thousand teaching staff to be made for assignments on September 12 starting the application process today overtime at the end you will end up . Korkuteli District Directorate of Education teacher candidates who apply to the application and assignment operations are performed electronically . Teacher candidates, District Directorate of Education , which will be reflected in the electronic application form of educational institutions are able to choose up to 25 . Preferences same province or of educational institutions located in different provinces can be made at the desired priority . Korkuteli applications unless approved by the District Education Directorate candidates could choose to change . Candidates preferred non-option'preferences outside educational institutions assigned do not want to ('preferences outside educational institutions want to be assigned'one of the options to do that mark . Preference not be assigned to candidates'preferences outside the educational institution appointed to want to check'who proclaimed the quota of the unoccupied educational institutions will be considered to be assigned to set up the computer .

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