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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:43

Kösemusul:\"Turkey's Growing Emerging Sakarya'sıyız \"

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Visited Sakarya Trabzon Culture and Solidarity Association Chairman Abdurrahman Age and the accompanying delegation Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Mahmoud Kösemusul in his office.

Sakarya news: Photo Said expressed his satisfaction with the visit Sakarya Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mahmoud Kösemusul the formation of drawing attention to the importance and diversity of civil society organizations , volunteering is the basis based on the system which attempts to provide benefits that serve the audience , he said.
Kösemusul Sakarya emphasis in the colorfulness of the socio-cultural structure , \"Very different nationalities which contains an important cultural mosaic where people live together in Sakarya in this sense is a peaceful city. growing Turkey's developing Sakarya'sıyız . together of different cultures and traditions come Sakarya us to get in with range formed . from our past is a privilege and diversity had to Sakarya sharing our heritage that we carry today. Trabzon on the basis of solidarity and sharing in this context, congratulates the efforts in the Association I wish you success in your work. \"he said. The Age providing information about activities related to the Photo Association's work and members of \"Our association , the organization of our members, particularly so far to produce social and solutions to the problems and difficulties they experience in the cultural field , unity and making activities reinforce the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity , held in Sakarya social responsibility has adopted the principle tasks such as taking part in the project. We , Trabzon Culture and Solidarity Association will provide Sakarya benefit the common denominator in and will support SATSO'll be pleased to put under the stone our hands on all kinds of projects , \"he said .


Kösemusul:\"Turkey's Growing Emerging Sakarya'sıyız \"" comments for.


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