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Kosgeb and Entrepreneurship

Kosgeb and Entrepreneurship
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In Malatya KOSGEB the last two years establishing his own business entrepreneurs are 139 marked and count , the amount of support paid to the entrepreneur emphasized that 2 million 137 thousand TL.

Malatya news:
Small and Medium Industry Development Administration (KOSGEB ) Malatya Central Manager Murat Seki, given the Journal of Commerce and Industry Chamber told , \"between 2010-2014 by KOSGEB in Turkey join the Applied Entrepreneurship Training Program Certified by the number of entrepreneurs has reached 224 thousand 219'a. the number of Malatya certificate of entrepreneurs 3 thousand 889 people have been . Yet between 2012-2014 general in Turkey KOSGEB New Entrepreneur support of the number of entrepreneurs who start their own business 8 thousand 258 and the amount of support given to these entrepreneurs was the 121 million 157 thousand 986 TL . Malatya province in the last two years, the number of entrepreneurs who start their own business 139 and the amount of support paid to the entrepreneur has reached 2 million 137 thousand 371-TL. KOSGEB Malatya just not satisfied with them one second . the other in the organized Industrial Zone in Uçbağ are a total of 66 workshops capacity , especially in Monopoly Store has supported the establishment of 2 İŞGEM . already established in Uçbağ on Monopoly Store BDC has reached 100 percent occupancy , 2 for BDC was founded in organized region will begin in September to firm acceptance \"means the was used .
Seki, \"Year of Small Scale Business Building Consultancy Support 2008 ( KÖİDD ) KOSGEB providing support to entrepreneurs who want to start their own business , today reached a position providing support to entrepreneurs through the Central Directorate of the 81 provinces. KOSGEB new vision and new support model in 2010 with the guarantee of our future entrepreneurs and SMEs across the country while it is forgotten. KOSGEB Supports six (6) were constructed in the main title , and one of these titles has been the entrepreneurship support model , \"he said .
Of this program , Applied Entrepreneurship Education , indicating that the New Entrepreneur Support and BDC support be made up of three sub-programs Murat Seki, then said:\"Applied entrepreneurship education models; Applied Entrepreneurship Training , to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs are regulated in order to increase the level of success of the company to be established on the basis of a business plan. 70 hours of training programs , civil society organizations, public and corporate organizations and programs are organized by KOSGEB \"New Entrepreneur Support; Applied Entrepreneurship Education , KOSGEB Young Entrepreneur Development Program Small Business Set Up Advisory Support ( KÖİDD ) Program'the participating is documented and entrepreneur who founded the business . \"
Seki, businesses located in İŞGEM also noted as follows:
\"may apply to the New Entrepreneur Support to prepare a Business Plan . Business Development Centers ( BDC) support , on-site hosted by businesses, business development coaching, support networks, transportation, financial resources, access , business locations in appropriate circumstances, common office equipment , established by providing services such as office services to businesses first year they are most vulnerable to ensure they and their growth does not exceed a healthy way and operated, Business incubation Businesses are also referred to as the center or nursery . İŞGEM well situated entrepreneurs, to prepare a Business Plan are eligible to apply. \"

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