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  • 03 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 16:54

Kosovo Handover Ceremony was held in the Peace Corps

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NATO's KFOR mission in Kosovo handover ceremony was held in the command .

NATO's KFOR mission in Kosovo handover ceremony was held in the command .
15 years since peace and stability in Kosovo, KFOR in Pristina providing handover ceremony held at the headquarters of the new commander of KFOR , General Francesco Italian Figliuolo was introduced. General Figliuolo , commanding general of the Italian Salvatore Farina took over from his counterpart . The handover ceremony held in KFOR , the NATO troops to take their place and the transition began with the flag . Then NATO and KFOR commanders and an honor guard greeted the participants of the ceremony . Domestic and foreign , including a large number of invited guests attended the ceremony , Naples , NATO Joint Forces Commander Admiral Mark Ferguson, accompanied by new and former commander of the NATO flag of the handover was made.
One-year mandate at the end of the podium General Salvatore Farina, 1999 compared to the year in Kosovo Peacekeeping Force KFOR troops in Kosovo today, the number is less than 10 times , the security situation in Kosovo is at least 10-fold more stable , he said. From 31 countries , 5 thousand 500 soldiers in Kosovo, peace and stability work for the noted General Farina, \"a multi-national mobilization , NATO and the international community , multi-ethnic and democratic Kosovo's peaceful future what the importance is proving \"he said.
Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga KFOR , the Kosovo people's most respected and most trusted institution stating that, \"KFOR to Kosovo citizens a secure and stable environment in ensuring showed stability , NATO's international commitment is the best example ,\"he said.
NATO Joint Forces Commander in Naples , Admiral Mark Ferguson of political progress in Kosovo in the last one year that the observed positive trends noted that there were significant period of time . In Kosovo , NATO's mission fulfilling their obligations , the international security environment, with each passing day more risky and unpredictable becomes pointed Admiral Ferguson, NATO's Kosovo peace and security will continue to support , he said.
In 1999 in Kosovo NATO's KFOR mission in Kosovo have been transferred in the 5 thousand 500 soldiers from 31 countries are on duty.

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