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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 11:25

Koycegiz Bindi Women's Academy 2 Distribute the Ashura People

Koycegiz Bindi Women's Academy 2 Distribute the Ashura People
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Koycegiz Municipality Cultural and Social Affairs Directorate of Women's Academy of Culture organized a group of Ashura event.

Muğla news: Ashura event held in the neighboring districts and Koycegiz the interest of domestic and foreign was great.
Big gains in construction were prepared according to the traditional ashura ashura cooked . From indigenous and Sufi music in the garden of foreign visitors to historic Sabri Başoğlu mansion and ney recital accompanied by 2 were distributed to thousands of people to Assyria. From the opening of the Photo Events Koycegiz governor Gurkan Demirkale , Koycegiz Mayor Kamil Ceylan, Caunus ancient city of the excavation director prof Dr. Cengiz Işık , Gendarmerie commander , Captain Universe captain and his wife , Dalyan environment lovers group from Marina Jonker , Bible from Koycegiz animal lovers group Paulsen, Sarah Browne, Evelyn Grrod , Margaret Calverley , from Mugla foreign associations 2.Baskı , John Vickers and Selma Vickers, Koycegiz Chp president of women's branches Fatma Appendix A , Koycegiz woman Handles president Gülçin KÖSEOĞLU and members of the AK Party provincial board member Sadi Pirc and wife from Fethiye designer Eve Aydogan , Dalaman from Painter Rukia Üstündağ known for its helpfulness from Marmaris Meral Gunay, Koycegiz AK Party district president Ülgür Şenel and board members , businessman, Dogan Merpez , Koycegiz councilors Cemil Cem Mehmet Ali Acet, Nariman Palancıoğlu organizer Ortaca'dan craving unswerving will , painter Irazu sharp, designer Esin Pirc voiced their support by attending the event. providing information about
Female Academy Koycegiz Director Halil Karanfiloğl of culture and social affairs , \"Koycegiz female academy was established in the Municipal Structure and created a social responsibility project for disadvantaged groups . Female Academy consists of 11 different groups. Education, Health , Culture, Nature-Travel , Sports, Production, Marketing , Law, recycling, produces serve as social assistance . In this context , our group was prepared by firing in boilers according to our cultural tradition of this historic event this asure space . Ashura, in accordance with the original common name of all faiths and languages ​​'Ashura'as a pass . We want to share with our guests a product of our in culture, we are thank female representatives of all districts left alone to this day i district administrators and domestic and our foreign citizens , \"he said .
The Ashura Distribution Governor and the Mayor , and they did women with the members of the Academy . The event will also Mugla people My early detection linen cancer by a health screening were distributed a brochure to inform women about us. Kosgeb distributed trained women certificates. Photo Female Academy President Berri's Pirc Orhan is \"our Ashura is a traditional product of our spiritual culture by eating from the boiler the same with all of our participants according to our faith in the prayer of our union have made . We are interest in our event our foreign citizens are even happier. Our meeting with common names such cultural symbiosis will continue to work with our other group , \"he said


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