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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:55

KTO President Mahmoud Hiçyılmaz:

KTO President Mahmoud Hiçyılmaz:
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Kayseri Chamber of Commerce ( KTO ) President Mahmoud Hiçyılmaz , regarding the export targets of Kayseri, \"Kayseri as we set a goal of $ 7 billion for the year 2023 .

Kayseri news: We hope that $ 7 billion would give a further increase beyond the capture of exports , \"he said . Photo KTO President Mahmoud Hiçyılmaz , regarding the export target of Turkey and Kayseri , \"Of course, Turkey's exports to developing we know is very important . Turkey has increased its exports too much , especially the last 12 years followed by economic policy , exports have reached $ 36 billion, 152 billion dollars of exports . Of course, as the 2023 targets and that it's not enough to have put the $ 500 billion export target in terms of the business world in particular , has revealed the fact that we have to show all efforts to arrive at this goal in terms of the private sector. Trade Kayseri Kayseri by showing us all the rooms so we show our utmost in all our best efforts in terms of the increase in Turkey's exports. Today we think of the number of firms able to export around Kayseri, 900 thousand 500 should be removed once the 2023 target to have . In this sense, our priorities should be increased and we intensify our education exporters for export as well as room to do so . We have set a target of $ 7 billion in Kayseri for the year 2023 . This by looking at the past and look to the potential performance of Kayseri Kayseri by a figure that could have put the target in 2023 . We hope that $ 7 billion would give a further increase beyond the capture of exports , \"he said .
-\" AFTER recent events IRAQ export our slightly decrease that we see \"< br/> Hiçyılmaz stating that affect the export of the events in neighboring countries , \"Of course, Turkey has tried to do in its present export figures for the course in terms of establishing order among themselves and will be important in terms of reducing the impact of this issue of the events in the vicinity of both , I think. Order in our neighboring countries and the negativity of certain disorders that affect our exports. We export in Kayseri, we compared the maximum second export we have done after the Iraq and Iraq last event we did in exports ranked first in Kayseri , we see that slightly reduced our exports, but last year 9. exports in 9 months of this year, our exports up months in Turkey figures we are treated welcomed in that it is a very small decline , \"he said .
-\" iN SEPTEMBER 173 million dollars of exports , we PERFORM \"Photo \"to emphasize that we break export record in Kayseri in September of this year \"I want Hiçyılmaz said , \"we held in September exports of $ 173 million . Of course, in terms of further increase these figures we have to be diligent. We need to replicate our exporters . We can export our products abroad in need of better marketing point that we can . In this sense, we have set up our efforts in the spot foreign trade offices to build bridges with the Kayseri trade. The first one was a lot of effort in our opening point in northern Iraq. We even rented our place but we were not able to open our office in Erbil this event , beginning with the ISID . We're now watching events in northern Iraq and other regions. Turning to a normalization of Northern Iraq by opening our office in Erbil to build bridges with both that region both Kayseri and by getting his hand on the bag of my members Arbil go preparation is produced or marketed there easily in terms of finding places that sell'll help them , \"he said. Photo -İŞADAM aS THAT tRADE AND pEACEFUL eNVIRONMENT so that we can SECURE BASIS \"Photo Hiçyılmaz stated that they will try to increase the export of Kayseri, \"Of course, Turkey must continue the peace and security environment in itself. We are trading course as businessmen peaceful and secure environment for us to make essential. Stability of our very important. the continuation of this very important. as long as these continued businessmen as we work our better more efficient , we gained more profitable able to chance . it's more in terms of increasing our development and exports of our country it will be useful , I think. I hope you're in northern Iraq and Turkey on the front is open and I hope to sell more goods will become better with our economy by providing a lull after our own internal business. \"

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