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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:23

KTU, with 58 thousand students from 52 Academic Year Start

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Karadeniz Technical University, 52 academic year started with 58 thousand students .

Trabzon news:
on the occasion of the new academic year with the participation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan KTU Culture and Congress Centre Osman Turan speaking at a ceremony held yesterday at the KTU Rector Dr. Süleyman Baykal , Turkey's largest Children's Hospital building permit stating that the field of health only in the region but the Black Sea basin in the neighboring country people also serves become , he said.
59 years ago founded the university's 179 thousand graduates reminded the President Barnes, \"founded in 1955 our university education to the incipience of the 52 Year . K has 17 faculties , 7 institutes 1 conservatory , four schools and 13 vocational high school is located. these units 2 thousand 220 academics and 833 thousand administrative staff are on duty. University , as of today, 58 thousand 12 students training service providers and 179 thousand graduates a large institution. universities throughout the history of mankind to serve the purposes acted . humanity and civilization, their contributions to the extent of their country have developed . Nevertheless, sometimes universities humanity , not a specific audience , have served to specific purposes , some even tried to dominate the subjective thoughts . Such a state of backwardness when it becomes dominant in society, turmoil , polarization , and thus a great loss of time and labor is inevitable . When we look at a near future in which we live is a very painful event behind the scenes of the universities are all aware of the direct or indirect effects . Freedom and free thought advocate and practitioner should be the basis of our universities , unfortunately, sometimes the pain experienced in almost every part of society that took part in the anti-democratic intervention . University gates of a segment of society that turned into torture chambers POIs those days , everyone in a certain age group in mind . Today, thank God , no one identity , clothing , thinking not so despised . This situation has now left behind . Yesterday survivors of the vicious cycle of our university compete with universities in developing countries are today . Karadeniz Technical University academic structure, we are creating the Technology Transfer Office , Project Support Unit located in Turkey and in the first five Technopolis rapidly with distance from the road is fast . Our main carrier element of our university faculty members who have done their research and they have taken TUBITAK , SANTEZ and EU projects are in this race . Undergraduate and graduate students sharing their savings with our new and future work to build Turkey . Within the six months'earthquake-resistant structures urban and regional planning , and from there cyber strategy development up to many national-scale race of students in our groups Turkey first of gained , \"he said .
TURKEY , the largest children's hospital CONSTRUCTION PERMIT RECEIVED
Prof. Dr. Süleyman Baykal , Turkey's largest Children's Hospital building permit stating that KTU last 10 years in many areas, major improvements had stated that the \"F the last 10 years, the engineering, the basic sciences , medicine from health and human sciences has experienced great improvements in many areas . In this context, our university Dentistry, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Of Technology , Communication, Law and the Faculty of Theology and Forensic Sciences , Marine Science and Black Sea Studies Institute and State Conservatory was established and in these units, educational and research activities have been initiated. Our new Farabi Hospital in the same period have been activated B Block , made ​​a second theater , world-class Emergency and Intensive Care Blog built and all of these units are equipped with new technologies . In addition, with a covered area of 23 thousand square meters of modern dentistry faculties of the building contract has been made, 33 thousand square meters closed area of Turkey's largest children's hospital building permit has been obtained. Thus , our university in the health field , not only in the region , the Black Sea basin also provides services to people in the neighboring countries has become . All of these developments , the economic growth achieved in recent years in our country is a natural result , \"he said .

KTU, with 58 thousand students from 52 Academic Year Start" comments for.


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