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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 20 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 12:44

Kurds in the United States Air Weapons Help Kobani'nin

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U.S. Central Command , on the Syrian border Kobani'de ışid'l fighting with Kurdish forces transport aircraft weapons, ammunition and medical supplies were thrown announced assistance .

Washıngton news:
United States Central Command ( CentCom ) said in a statement , Kobani'de ışid'l fighting Kurdish forces C-130 transport planes and airborne assistance \"multiple\"is done, three aircraft and 27 packets contain said. The statement also Isidor their positions in US-led airstrikes target area and is located near the border with Turkey that allows the withdrawal of Isidor was also noted . CentCom , by American forces against Kobani'nin positions in the ISID reported that more than 135 air strikes carried out . Carried out air strikes against Isidor Isidor hundreds of militants have been killed as a result , none of the positions with ammunition started by Isidor has suffered , it also provides regression outside the city of Isidor said. Isidor militants of the city to take control and to resist Kurdish forces the power to threaten the continued recorded.
Air thrown assistance then the whole transport aircraft to the area safely return was recorded.

Kurds in the United States Air Weapons Help Kobani'nin" comments for.


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