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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:46

Kusadasi views of the Mediterranean Monk Seal

Kusadasi views of the Mediterranean Monk Seal
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Living areas imaged virgin and untouched rocky shores and those of the Dilek Peninsula-Büyük Menderes Delta National Park is known to have lived in the desolate shores of the Mediterranean monk seal in Kusadasi.

Aydın news: Photo of Kusadasi coast known for many years but can not be documented in a Mediterranean monk seal , Protection-Adakule Hotel between natural Botanical Park appeared in the coast. Many times allegedly seen by the citizens but can not be displayed at all the Mediterranean monk seal, a diver operating Dive dive center was photographed by Selcuk Bees Bee. Mediterranean was found to have a well puppy is not only the seal . Photo Kusadasi Eco System Protection and Nature Lovers Association ( EKODOSD ) did the President Bahati drive, \"mammal species threatened with extinction which has a special place among the most important 12 species in the world among the living Mediterranean Seal of Kusadasi is a great wealth to maintain its presence in the coast. this observation shows also can fry when it's not a print , the Mediterranean Monk Seal of the shows that he should be treated precisely how the living space. Clean sea lovers and chose to areas experiencing problems in terms of nutrition coastal area of ​​the Mediterranean Monk Seal , Kusadasi'n in need after the National Park is known as the most important region in terms of terrestrial as well as marine ecosystems. Kusadasi marine and coastal ecosystems should be protected as a whole this area is the richest . especially to see a species here such as the Mediterranean monk seal , our country is well located in that and conservation commitments signed Bern is also important for Barcelona and Biodiversity Conventions. Habitat of the Mediterranean monk seal is very sensitive areas, there should not be any pressures in these regions. Mediterranean Monk Seal is the largest population of Aegean Turkey is a very important country for the protection of this species. Made our shores in research is estimated to have around 100 of the Mediterranean monk seal , \"he said .


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