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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:23

Kuştepe Warns Drivers of Student Services

Kuştepe Warns Drivers of Student Services
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Adiyaman , transportation business for over 30 years Veysel Country NEW Kuştepe , student service warned drivers on important issues .

Adıyaman news: Photo Adiyaman Veka Tourism Operators Veysel Country NEW Kuştepe , student service drivers that put their students the tools that get their vehicles and their careful at the time of download , and found in it is also important warned to pay attention to the music volume when played in the car . Kuştepe \"Student service our drivers should pay attention to when they download and they take their students the tools. Occasionally you see on the news and we are . In Turkey, student services to students bindirilip downloaded it once occurs in many accidents. Pay attention to these students painful events of our drive to prevent the implementation of tools to students while they download bindirip should . another thing , some of the students served in our high level of music being listened to . this loud music listen to our student service is disturbed both citizens of the students in both service , we encounter many times with play in the movement of vehicles. many students can not get into motion the velocity due to the Music they dangling from their car windows. at the same time the lack of extreme music sound students are required to connect calmly sitting and seatbelts in their own car seat . Some of our drivers say they want to attract folk dances that students are comfortable inside their vehicles. Or we hear things like they do not take into account despite warnings to warn students. Students , if they do not conform to alert the drivers know their drivers , the state must notify parents of student status. So, a human being must follow the rules no matter what . There are more than 10 students in each service vehicle . We carry in our service life , so we carry our future drivers must comply with the rules and we take our students as well as vehicles. I accident, work it , I wish trips \"were found in the form of explanation.

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