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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:34

Kütahya 2 Driver Chauffeur Men Sentenced to 6 Months

Kütahya 2 Driver Chauffeur Men Sentenced to 6 Months
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Kütahya Mayor Kamil Saracoglu, taking into consideration of how to implement bus in people over 65 free card applied for 6 months 2 drivers said they gave banned from the chauffeur .

Kütahya news: Photo 65 years of age citizens buses and private buses from the extracted law with President Saracoglu stated that enjoy free , \"This year, Turkey to people over 65 in the city in general , municipalities free card applications in buses and private buses bringing inner city they have a problem with the application of Kütahya in our başlamıştır.65 senior citizens with free benefit from the transportation definitely should be addressed to the driver . the car's license plate , they should let us know the time. we are taking steps on this issue without wasting time we fly. Because our duty essential to our citizens in our service. such It is our responsibility to take the measures problem. I have had two cases like that . We've been banned from the chauffeur just two people for 6 months. Assembly of us are out of our mind about it. We have received authorization to operate the station up to 5 years 4 months . this is our citizens on the subject to get comfortable . in the Council's itinerary and our is working with our contract must comply with our policy guidelines . That our government has done such a situation should not be related to the implementation of this law. Inform our citizens that we take into consideration all the complaints coming to us and I want nobody should doubt about it. Our friends against this practice still have the authority to stop the vehicle m from the term or indefinitely if they maintain their attitude as well. If complaints continue to come to this kind of situation will remain difficult in themselves . I want to warn them here. Otobüsç , we've spent all of training with Victory Development Agency related to human behavior of our drivers and our brothers trades . We reported our citizens and businesses to inform them about their rights themselves. I think we need to act accordingly , \"he said. (EFA)

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