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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 23:51

Kutahya Governor Governor Serif Yilmaz:

Kutahya Governor Governor Serif Yilmaz:
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Kutahya Governor Serif Yilmaz , \"Turkey until February 28 poor, orphans and children who are deprived of educational opportunities abroad Foundation Dormitory Service needs were met.

Kütahya news: Kutahya Governor Serif Yilmaz , \"Turkey until February 28 poor, orphans and children who are deprived of educational opportunities abroad Foundation Dormitory Service needs were met. February 28 came when all off ,\"he said .
Kütahya Regional Directorate of Foundations Service Building Foundations Week held at the Conference Hall of the National Anthem opening program Homage and began reading . Then Kütahya Foundations Regional Deputy Director Ahmet Aydin opening speech made ​​.
Aydın podium after the Governor Serif Yilmaz , \"Foundations malfunctioning our civilization is slightly different .'s Just a commodity a particular purpose foundations not to be . Resource with Islam areas and different states during our ancestors maximum of importance , still the hand area of ​​the hand is superior to the principles of life at every stage in every phase of human well trying to live a culture , a civilization's heirs . course this perspective, today, perhaps life's most under them do not feel . Yesterday Foundations ingenuity made ​​with Many of the services today perhaps government agencies with hand trying to be made . for that reason, they probably are not aware of . But you just expressed , come to mind , we can not think of us today can not describe the things to which we are also even endowed foundations established . these expenses to meet the statutes are property devoted . their execution and revenue for a specific purpose for using a very detailed and if not followed it said curses associated with statutes at the end of a very clear way, today most of us talking even we texts stick to talking about the work we do , the ancestors of us on solid foundations have all the records got to the bottom , and so far , thank goodness have survived . Today, we are one of the ancestors go anywhere where we can see the work of the foundation and here we can still feel close to ourselves that it is thanks to the seals . It is thanks to the deed . I say God bless them all . Foundations dorm I'm one of the service area . Turkey until February 28 orphans , the poor, the education of children who are deprived of access to the internal demand was met Foundation Dormitory Service . February 28 came when they closed all . This means the following. Strange in rural areas , poor foundation services to ensure that citizens facility was closed. Education was given to buildings . Disadvantaged children, even in the city center of the most successful children were subjected to examination . Unfortunately, as we have cut off the front . Hopefully, again, the implementation of the Foundation Dormitory is my dream . As far as I know today from 3 service areas Dormitory Foundations governor . This means the following. Where the Foundation's services has gone up , to see what services are doing is important . A large part of my training was with the source of my ancestors . It was with the help of the state . Some of the money may be may be the property of others , some services may occur. But surely there is something we can give to this nation . How useful it would be more to this nation ? We aspire to be saying this service . Foundations my point of life is a part , \"he said.
Meanwhile, Dumlupınar University Faculty of Arts Department of History Professor. Dr. . Hasan Basri Black Sea \"by the Ottoman Empire City and Foundations \"conference was given . Conference at the end of the Foundations General Directorate 20 years of active work filling staff was given a plaque .
event Kütahya Mayor Kamil Saracoglu, the AK Party Kütahya President Isaac Ghazals , circle chiefs, civil society representatives and citizens attended .

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