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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:43

Kütahya Tavşanlı Determines Agenda

Kütahya Tavşanlı Determines Agenda
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Rabbit , sets the agenda in the political activism of Kütahya .

Kütahya news: According to
information obtained, MP , Gazi , Mayor Mustafa Güler , the AK Party Tavşanlı Provincial Assembly members and the AK Party Tavşanlı District Chairman Mehmet Demir , I found dozens of events in the last 2 weeks .
Tavşanlıl Provincial General the council members joined the AK Party Group Meeting. Members of the Provincial Assembly of Ramadan Aydemir, Osman Oral Kıyak Bilal Mustafa Altınbay and Mehmet Cetin, the AK Party Group Meeting listened to the Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, his speech . Members meet with then Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, he invited Tavşanlı to .
AK Party Tavşanlı District Chairman Mehmet Demir , referring to the convention process in Turkey in 2023 , said they were confident steps forward to 2053 targets. March 30 said the local elections and 10 August presidential elections Tavşanlı's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave significant support great way Turkey Mehmet Demir, adding that in this context the 2015 elections, a huge number of important, bulundu.dem is striking statement, \"Our goal Ottoman descendants in Anatolia is to establish the Empire. world all Turks and returned its Islamic face in Turkey. as you know, our founder leader is played great games on our our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and power. this game is washed our nation Tavşanlı than 70 percent of votes stability and great Turkey't have shown they want. 2015 elections in this context is also very important . performing at our Tavşanlı convention , we will continue on our way. will fight against the extension and I believe it will be successful. We are overseeing the sake of Allah in our decisions and in all the work we do as District Organization , \"he said . < br/> PARTY Li TAVŞANLI MUNICIPALITY tHE ACTIVITIES
Meanwhile, Tavşanlı Day the Ashura organized by the Municipality of 30 thousand personality ashura dağıtıldı.ilç trades and the ashura are district prepared under the leadership of the municipality with the support of the people of 5 points in 19 districts at the points specified in the supervision of the headman and Hospital , Police Department, the Garrison Command , Justice , provided the distribution of the Forest Management Directorate and public offices. Mayor Mustafa Güler, \"Tavşanlı across the Ashura's reached the full 30 thousand the number of people , that morning in all 19 districts in Tavşanlı this way , the university, the hospital , the police departments , including the majority of some schools and public institutions in the gendarmerie has reached 30 thousand people. Ashura contribute positively responded to our request on which all trades our brothers in Tavşanlı , Tavşanlı dear to our people and asure the show sensitivity in understanding and alignment point about it is the last two days I thank night and day working Tavşanlı Municipality staff about cooking . God bless them , \"he said . < br/> MPs KAVUNCU tHE PROGRAM
AK Party Deputy Kütahya Vural Kavuncu Markets outside Ankara in the last 2 weeks , Emet , Tavşanlı a lot of activities in the county joined . Kavuncu Assembly took the floor for Occupational Health and Safety at the opening of the parliamentary research proposal was given by the demand for a long speech . Tavşanlıl Provincial Prime Minister Davutoglu met with Kavuncu in Ankara, together with the General Assembly members , then the program izledi.kavunc of TRT radio stations artist, examining the place of work of public institutions and organizations in Tavşanlı , information from the authorities aldı.kavunc is within a week dozens of citizens and in consultation with managers of institutions , listened to the wishes and desires . (EFA)


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