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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:24

Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik:

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Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik, \"We're not crazy neighborhood .

Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik, \"We're not crazy neighborhood . We are a country sane . We know what we did well. We draw ourselves in our own way ,\"he said . Photo attending a meeting in Kocaeli Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik, touched on the east incidents. Minister of Steel , said he did persecution of Isidor terrorist organization , \"This is the east incidents in Isidor said organization emerged. They are said to be Sunni . That the Assad regime's oppression of the Muslims caused and predominantly sung an organization they are Sunni. So let's attacking whom this organization , let us see who slaughters . they killed Arabs them . the Arabs attacked the Sunni was . Kurds. Now they are artificial . But the projected if the Sunni have a structure and are doing terrorist acts. here we have to put a question mark. under Kobani'yi Kurdish attacks and how can one place Turkey. We live internally their distress. He we see over what happened in the area. \"Photo \"attacks in Kobani'yi because Turkey is burned , \"said Minister of Steel,\"has an attack Kobani'de . We are making the ownership of their homes. But Kopani'who said t spoil it defends doing demolition in Turkey. it's Kobani'yi occupied Turkey. Yah we're not . Kobani'yi everyone knows who try to invade . They act as if it had invented the Arab Spring Turkey. I said to hell with the Arab Spring . Turkey has no share in it. 300 thousand people were killed in Syria,Turkey. Turkey autocratic governments in the Middle East is what sustains me . 50-60 years who do not even identity UmUdUr Turkey the Kurds living in Syria ? The quality of the asphalt made ​​in Urfa, Turkey is not here at the moment in Kocaeli. The investments made there have been neglected for many years. Thank you . But the state has entered one glitch that investment mobilization in the region to cover the case of leap years . That is also the land of the crescent and star homeland. Population due to years of neglect have flowed to developed cities . But we have put forward our plans to develop regional incentives in our region. There was no industry in Urfa . Look currently has expired 2. Organized Industrial Zone, land held for 3 delivered . Hopefully we will put it to 4.'y . Look , I call you ; Kurdish O brother, big bench . Because when problems begin to disappear , no one desires a seamless geography .'These places will return to the swamp here will not end war'they say. We tell them of us , we we're not crazy , my friend's neighborhood. We are a sane country . We know what we are doing well. We draw ourselves in our own way , \"he said. Photo

Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik:" comments for.


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