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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 09:46

Labour and Social Security Minister of Steel:

Labour and Social Security Minister of Steel:
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Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik, said place of work carried out under very difficult conditions to reach workers in the coal mines Ermenek .

Şanlıurfa news: Photo Minister of Steel, will be held in Sanliurfa , Turkish Airlines (THY) board meeting in a hotel before THY Chairman Hamdi Topcu and met with board members . THY meeting will be held tomorrow will be the important decisions on behalf of Şanlıurfa transfers Steel, \"Şanlıurfalılardan should Ankara, Istanbul , Izmir and will be some hope important decisions flights to Antalya for the next period. The answer to the question had expected Şanlıurfalılardan will be made ​​up hope . We have a history and tourist town of Sanliurfa from them Our request was about to be introduced to the world as , in this regard will be some important work , \"he said . Sanliurfa stressed that at the beginning of the most peaceful cities of the country Steel , was invited to see the domestic and foreign tourists to the city's beauty. Photo Journalists Ermenek in coal mines in Answering the questions related to being stranded workers Steel , recalling stayed three look it in for a week , was not to wish for a more experienced these kinds of accidents. Steel, \"Yesterday was reached two brother's corpse evening reputation. I mean as someone who in many times there in the mines , we are talking about 150 meters under the earth , of course , a serious debris resulting from the destruction of currently there fortifications , Goodnight about the disposal of sludge and slime day-3-4 intensive work as shift. we work a great effort for a moment before there reach our brother, but attempt to take from the very difficult conditions. our brothers and sisters who reached the funeral at the mine I wish God have mercy , I'm the patience wish their families , \"he said . Photo TK Chairman Hamdi Topcu they came upon the invitation of the Minister in Sanliurfa Steel board would organize the meeting , he said. Sanliurfa , experienced flight positive earnings Gunner transfers believes that the receivables for the solution of distress , \"Very soon Şanlıurfa will bring to the international media cities in the introduction point. It was also in demand in giving us a plane's name Göbeklitepe , we meet it positive. Hopefully, the future first we will give the aircraft to one of our Göbeklitepe name. Besides, we will also further our one aircraft a major tourist attraction's name . Hopefully, here we find a way to rejoice in the will and Şanlıurfalılardan not harm the Turkish Airlines , \"he said .

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