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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 16 Eylül 2014, Salı 16:43

Lady Gaga Fans flocked to ITU

Lady Gaga Fans flocked to ITU
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Lady Gaga fans, the concert will be held Ayazaga flocked to the stadium .

İstanbul news: Lady Gaga fans, the concert will be held Ayazaga flocked to the stadium . Famous singer's fans of different ages , with many interesting outfit drew attention.
famous singer Lady Gaga will perform at the stadium hours before the ITU began density . Many interesting outfits and styles with remarkable Lady Gaga fans flocked to ITU . Starting in the morning young people starting to stand , has created interesting images . When installing some face veil , with whom he pazubant Lady Gaga showed their love for Lady Gaga . Since yesterday Lady Gaga's the hotel accommodated wait before the said John Gumusluk, \"Yesterday I was at the hotel , there was a great commotion was . Şuanda here waiting. Morning 10 came . Lady Gaga tonight terrific will give a concert , I'm looking forward ,\"he said .
are a fan of 67-year-old , Lady Gaga's concerts from the internet and watch all the clips , he said. \"I came here. My age look that teenagers younger than I , and Lady Gaga more than they love you ,\"he said .
Fethiye from and Lady Gaga who is a fan September Labor, longtime singer's concert expect , he said. Labor, \"Lady Gaga for the Fethiye came from . His six years in Turkey, a concert we were expecting . Spectacular concert I believe that , because Lady Gaga's their middle ,\"he said.
Concert some youngsters with their mother came along.

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